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I will try and make this short and sweet. Me and my ex had been together about a year. We had a couple break ups in that time. No more than a week or two at the most. Everytime we would break up she told me that I suckered her back in by the sweet things I would say to her and what not. The last time we broke up she had a date set up with a guy who she met while at work but never went on it because I called her that Saturday night and got back together. Well around Nov. 13 we decided that we would take a break until Thanksgiving and come back at that time and discuss if we wanted to keep going or let go. Well the Saturday after the 13th she sent me a message absolutely livid because she heard that I was flirting with some girl on a bar crawl I attended with my friends the previous week. Well we didnt talk for a few days then I called her and we got together hung out and did what couples do, lol. Well that Monday she tells me that she went on a couple dates with some guy and but she was scared to tell me because she was worried I would flip out. I didn't. To sum this all up basically, last week I told her not to call me until she new what she wanted and 4 days later, this past Sunday, she called and told me that she was pretty sure that she knew what she wanted and how when she was out with this guy he got all jealous about something and she thought to herself" Well, Eric would never do that." Which is correct because I am an awesome b/f. lol. So she comes over Monday we hang out, things are great. I ask her if she still talks to him she says he is still around but that I need not worry about him and how he means nothing to her and she is leaning towards me. Well when push came to shove she was still she told me that Sunday she did feel that way but then she went back to being confused. Shocking I know. A woman confused. So I told her please do not call me until this guy is out of her life and that I have to move on and cant sit around and wait. She still tells me she loves me and sees a future and talks about marriage. And the one thing she says that keeps me holding on is she tells me after I told her to go to him and I will see her around is that " Eric, you know I can never quit u." What in the world does that mean? I know I will be fine. I have the best friends anyone could ask for and they have been around for about the last 15 years but truth be told I really loved this girl and would have married her one day but that is water under the bridge right now. Any advice.

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Ohh man Tool and A Perfect Circle could be the soundtrack to our relationship. We were even going to play H. instead of the wedding march. When he says " as the snake is drowned and I look in his eyes" that's when I was supposed to be hitting the alter.

When we were hooking back up again he kept playing Parabol and Parabola as (lack of better words) like descriptors of our relationship.


I'm so stupid. I shoulda known then he was torn right? But I was 2 busy playing 3 Libras and Sleeping Beauty.

Sorry, our relationship was a little bit under the surface so it is rare at best that I can say that and hope someone besides me gets what i'm talking about.


I know I'm taking over your post. But really the only things I can think for you to do know is wait or get over it . But the ball is in her court to do something.

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