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i like a girl with a boyfriend


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I guess I'm weird but I tend to like being friends with guys who have girlfriends already, whether I was single or taken. It's just natural for me to not fall for someone who is already in a relationship. If anything, it's just easier (less facades) to be friends with someone who is already involved with someone else. I know they are in a relationship for a reason, and I always give them the benefit of the doubt that they have no desire to stray.


In response to your situation, I think you should try to get over her and remain friends with her, just for the simple fact that she already is involved. If you are just going to admire her from a distance, it will be a very difficult thing to do. And if you are going to be upfront about it, you need to be ready for disappointment. Even if she has some feelings for you, she may still outweigh her relationship over these little newfound feelings she's developed for you.


I am sorry if this is not the response you want to hear.


The other thing you can do is just wait a bit. Let the friendship develop. Maybe in time she will see some qualities in you that she really likes... enough for boyfriend material. If that realization comes to her and you've been there with her all along (as a good friend), I'm sure she'll find some ways to reveal her feelings. It might even be as suggestive as telling you she thinks of breaking up with her current boyfriend so as to tell you that she's free. Maybe then you can try to ask her out.

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Hi Daman,


I am with simulacra on this and I also suggest to stay friends with her, if you can. I mean there is no harm in talking to her and say 'hi' to her. May be it's even a good idea to give her compliments left and right.


I would be a little careful in getting involved with her while she is having her boyfriend, though. That might lead to situations, you might have overseen as going into a major fight with him, or her getting hurt.


I hope this helps you a little ... Good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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