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wierd situation


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ok heres a doozy..........i started chatting with this girl online. we have good conversation and weve talked 5 or 6 times. obviously the more we talk the more we get to know about eachother. well last time we talked she told me something that has me shocked.........she told me previously she had gotten out of a 7 year relationship(shes 25 i believe?). she said she had been single for 1-1/2 years and was starting to try dating again(we chatted through a singles site) towards the end of our last talk she said "i will tell you something when we get to know eachother better".

i said "ok" and took a stab and guessed and said "your bi-sexual".

her rosponse was " why would you say that". i then said "well what is it then". she proceeded to tell me her 7 year relationship was with another girl.............ok???? why are you on a dating service looking for guys if you just spent the last 7 years with a chick????!!!! wouldnt she be classified as full blown lesbian. she has 1 sexual experience with a guy.

what do you all think? she really threw me a screw ball here.

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i completely agree with raggamuffin


i believe too that she was hurt badly within that relationship and saw it better to be with a man.

it could be that she later wanted to have children, but wanted them to see that they have a mum and a dad, it could be that only having had one relationship with a man that maybe she is confused about her sexuality.


there are loads of reasons, and at the moment your on a friendship level anyway, this could be a trial run, just hope you dont get hurt.


i believe shes confused and looking for answers.


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Sounds like shes still pretty confused about her sexuality..but that doesnt mean shes a downright solid lesbian. If she only had one male relationship in her life then the female one....she may have just been hurt by the male. We experiment sometime in our lives whether its testing our sexuality, or physical limitations, etc.


Give her a chance, go slowly and be patient with her. And be aware that she could be bi-sexual...but that doesnt necessarily should threaten you, cuz if both of you fell in love with each other, she wouldnt look at another person (male or female), just like you wouldnt.

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