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Wrote a letter for closure and it helped....


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I gotta say, me and my ex did not break up on bad terms so we've been LC pretty much throughout the break up (2 months). I know for a fact that she's made up her mind about what she wants to do and I'm fine with that. Right now she's enjoying being single and does not want to get serious again with me or anyone for at least another year or two. Both me and her have never really been single being as though we've gone from one relationship to another.After accepting this and being at peace with it, I decided to write her a letter just to tell her that I love her and that she's taught me how to grow as a person. I gotta say I was hesitant at first to give it to her but I gotta say, it feels as if some weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I got tell her things that I haven't told her about the break up and I never once mentioned that we should get back together. It was simply all about closure and knowing that I've already said all I could to get her back so just let her go and hope she comes back. If not then at least she knows how much she means to me and how she's helping me be a better man. If not for her then for someone else. Balls in her court now, even if it takes her two years....

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