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Did I BREAK-UP the right way?


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Am I wrong for cutting her off completely???


I don't mean to be rude, seriously I don't. But we've already talked about this stuff before, ya know? I gave you the mic and let you have an opportunity to speak and voice your opinion. Yet, you chose not to - only after when we breakup and you see what you once had is gone do you acknowledge what I was communicating to you for 3 years before.


Family help me out. Cause I think about that sometime. But I just wanted to move on and I don't think it's easy to move on when you still are trying to look in the rearview mirror.


Honestly, I felt this would be better for me. I was going through so much stuff at the time and I still am. My brother was suffering cancer right before he had passed and I just didn't need the extra drama in my life. She was a nice girl but she wasn't very supportive, didn't communicate with me all that well and she (along with her family) built a brick wall around our relationship while she tried to live a double-life; trying to be the girlfriend, yet entertain her family as they wished. She let them push me out of the box and she didn't take a stand to really say what it is she wanted. I hung in there for a good while, but eventually it just got old and that's when I talked to her about it. I told her I felt that I wasn't very welcome by herself or her family and if so than maybe this isn't going to workout. I asked her for her input and she said, "I agree. We're just different." So from that moment on, I was just like the heck with it and I stepped off.


Am I wrong for just picking up and moving on and leaving her behind as I did??? I wasn't disrespectful and I did talk to her a few times after the breakup, just not as much or in the exact way she may have wanted.

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I think it totally depends on the person. My ex cutting me off caused me to have severe issues with my self-esteem and just emotionally in general (Why doesn't he want to talk to me? What is he doing that is so much better than me? How can he not at least care enough to have the courtesy to text me back?) But I am a very emotional worrywart, and my ex knew that. If your ex was very independent, isn't trying to contact you, and seems okay then it could be the right thing, because of course you have to think about your feelings as well.

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Wow! I can totally relate to ABRIELLEK. My ex knows im super sensitive and caring. Her not caring, her moving on with her life, and her being so cold really messed me up. I cant believe she threw the relationship away like yesterdays trash. It hurts not to have your text, voicemail, and email returned..especially when they used to be reurned almost instantly.

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My guess is that there is really no "right way" to break up. If the relationship has run its' course, and one of the parties does not wish it to continue, the I don't see any real way to make it easier on the one that hurts the most. And it is true that there is almost always one that hurts more than the other in a break up, otherwise, you wouldn't break up to begin with.

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