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Why people (or women?) behave like this?


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Beauty isn't a good word to describe men. Beauty has always been a feminine thing, which is why the goddess of beauty and love in different cultures is almost always female.


Combining beauty with men has never turned out good. Look at metros. Are you going to tell me you'd rather have a metro guy, who's afraid to break a sweat while dressed up or get his manicured nails dirty, than a REAL man who isn't just a ken doll but instead has a bite to his bark?


As I'm typing this, I'm looking at a poster on my wall of Pete Townshend smashing his guitar into his flaming and smoking amp. That ain't beautiful, it's actually pretty ugly, but it's f'ing awesome. Powerful, glorious, raw. That's a man, not some guy with gelled hair, diamond earings, $300 sunglasses, and an opened designer shirt.

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OMG... You are absolutely wonderful *hugs*


Gosh... I wish more women were like you............. I just love the posts you are making here... Trust me, you are NOT coming accross as perverted... You are coming accross as a secure and beautiful person. To hell with the social expectations..........


You have no idea how many threads I have started wondering if women really like men at all... if women find men attractive at all....... if women desire men at all...... The reasons for my confusion were because I always hear only the female's beauty being praised....... every where i only hear "he is really lucky to have her".. not "she is lucky to have him".... and the female is considered to be like a prize or trophy that needs to be won over and all the men have to run towards it......... seriously making me wonder "we like them.. we want them.. that's why we are running after them....... but heck do they likes us at all".....


I'm gonna give you another rep point... especially for this

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I think "society" varies with geographic region.

The place I came from is ruled by men. It is totally the opposite. I know how it is the feeling when you have 5 women chasing men.


Sometimes I feel sorry for my male friends here in the US and other anglo-sax countries. You do not know what you are missing.

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MrRight, I was thinking that too, as places like Italy or say France, it's probably perfectly acceptable for a woman to let a man know she desires him.

I'll give you credit Mr.Right, there's so many truly completely screwed up notions, attitudes and "acceptable" ways of behaving in the US society it drives me, and obviously others, up the darn wall, half the time.


Oh, no.. I'm not into the whole metro sexual thingie Carmine.. I like a real man.. I think it's sexy when I see after a hard day's work... not that I do not like clean guys... but a 5 o'clock shadow.. guys in casual clothes, guys who are into guy stuff.... hiking, camping, even hunting, I find that not the least bit of a turn-off.

You know.... it seems that a good segment of this new generation of men, just don't know how to act around women. They are so afraid of rejection or conditioned to NOT be aggressive that they are more passive than the women they are seeking out.

It's always been a sort of right of passage that a guy had to ask out a couple of girls perhaps before he found the one right for him.

But now, it seems that guys won't even risk rejection. What is that all about? Cuz their self image is so low from all the advertising that says only women are beautiful.

Actually that is all a myth, that women do not find men very attractive too, but that is what the advertisers of products want you to believe, so you have to invest beacoup $$ in their products to keep that "womanly" beauty thing going.

Which is something that really irritates me. Why cannot a woman just be beautiful on her own? Why must she have the acrylic nails, the latest hair style, the newest designer bags, and so on and so on, in order to be thought of as attractive? It's like you have to spend so much money on your appearance or the guys won't even look at you!

And I think that's sad, cuz, alot of us girls, in this economy are just paying our bills right now.. not able in the least to invest in all the latest expensive beauty products and newest styles....

Whatever... America has become so plastic in the last few days anyway. Thanks Paris Hilton!

Maybe you got all the dough in the world for the latest styles, but there's a large majority who do not!


I don't know.. that is a whole other topic I suppose.... the greedy corporations in America and all the subliminal advertising that brainwashes Americans' minds.


Also, when I say that guys are also beautiful, I do NOT mean it in a feminine sense in the least, Carmine. It is just a totally DIFFERENT kind of beauty.... Call yourself gorgeous then, if that makes you more comfortable, it does not matter.. You could be called handsome if you are a guy, but if you are a step up above that, then gorgeous or beautiful comes to my mind, but that's just me.

But there are so many guys I find super attractive... they are just gorgeous to me.. but it's funny, like I said before.. guys are so covered up in this country, I was driving down the street yesterday and saw some guy with his shirt off, riding his bicycle..

I just had to look cuz I hardly ever see a shirtless guy! I wish the damn advertising executives would stop trying to torture us women and start showing MORE of the gorgeous guys. Who is that guy, is it Smallville, that dark haired guy.. wow, is he a looker! Do they EVER show HIM with his shirt off, or in some slightly suggestive setting, so we women can lust after HIM, nope!

You see a guy on TV who's hot, and he's shown for a total of like 1.5 secondes tops!!!

The pretty women, they are on 24/7. Yes, women are definitely put up on a pedestal in this country, while the guys are taught that you are not attractive at all unless you do this, this, this and this! And it does not matter how many hair products or how clean your nails are Carmine. Either you are a good-looking guy or you are not!

That is another myth, that just cuz a guy dresses right, he'll get all these hot chicks after him, or women craving him, whether he's handsome or not.

I'm much rather pick some good-looking guy in jeans and a t-shirt, than not to great looking guy who's well dressed anyday...

Anyway.. if things turn out the way you like, they won't be wearing those clothes very long anyway, now will they?


BTW, MrRight, where are you from anyway, if you don't mind me asking you?

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yet another awesome post.... you are turning into my personal hero...




that is so true... at least i feel like that. i have started threads here asking why women are considered as the prize and do men have anything to offer at all.... in response i was advised by some people to undergo therapy..

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I was referring more to men and women in general, before you get into a relationship with a particular person. Yeah, girls can be really crazy about their boyfriends, but guys in general? Nah...a lot of women on here say themselves that for the most part they don't really notice attractive guys or care for them. I walk down the street and I see tons of attractive girls and clearly notice them. From what I heard, when a woman walks down the street, she doesn't really acknowledge attractive guys.



I don't know if that's really true. Some of the women I hang out with are always checking guys out and sometimes actually tell them they're attractive. One lady said she doesn't going to the gym unless there are hot guys there to look at. She only went to check out the guys. There have been a lot of times in the past that I've hung out with other friends and they think I'm weird because I'm not constantly checking out guys and making comments. I agree with crosstowntraffic that women (in the US) are usually raised not to go after men and openly check them out. Women might also not be so open with their attraction to men because some men take that as a green light to pursue her. Even if she thinks a guy is attractive she might not want that attention. I've seen guys I think are hot but I don't ogle them. I just think "Whoa! He was hot!" and go about my business.

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I was thinking the same thing. Why can't men be sexy the same way that women are. There are lots of gorgeous men in the world. In movies it's always women half dressed or nude but the men rarely get nude scenes. Their bodies aren't showcased as the epitome of sexuality and beauty like women's are. I know it's because the movie producers don't want to alienate male audiences who are freaked out by naked guys but it still sucks.


I think that in the US because it really is male dominated (even though some think otherwise) men want the power of not having their attractiveness being scrutinized and controlled. A lot of women's worth is placed on how attractive she is to men. Men can get old, wrinkled, fat and they can still be seen as sex symbols. The focus on them is usually power, personality etc. I think the tables are turning a little now because companies have realized that they can make money off selling beauty products to men. There are a lot more fitness products out there targeted towards men too. I was shocked when I saw a weight watchers commercial for men.

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