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LD Friendships. I am not a phone person!? help!


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Hello everyone,


here is my problem. I am not good with long distance relationships, both romantic or friendships. I have been struggling to remain close with my two best friends. I have known one since HS and the other from college. Through my college years I was able to stay connected to my HS friend because we lived 2 hours away. But now, it seems we are all always too busy, and when we catch up it is never the same, plus we only see each other about 1-2 times a year! We live in the same state (thankfully) but 8 hours away from each other, plus we are broke, so we can't visit each other as often as we would like.


I love these two people very much, but it's just so hard right now. To top it off I am not much of a phone person. I rather be face to face with someone. I just don't like talking for hours on end on the phone. It's just not my thing, never been.


so how do I maintain these friendships? I don't want them to end.

or is it just life, that as we get older, we all go our own way, make new friends and leave the old ones behind?


any words of wisdom?


thanking you all in advance,


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Video chat on MSN works for me(or skype). Its cheapskate, its more or less like talking together in real life. It overbridges the distance , and you'll get to see and talk to your friends. Also you shouldn't stop yourself, if you say no to everything, then nothing is ever gonna happen, open up a little more, even if its just that little enough to be able to talk to your friends again. I used to be a person to say no against everything, so i know what its like, but a lesson learned from that is that it doesn't get you anywhere. Hope that answer helped. *hugs*

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Good idea X Dax.. I have the same problem. I have a friend, and all we do is talk on the phone since he lives a county away and neither of us have the money for gas to drive accross town.


I was going to write a thread about this.. I have difficultly also maintaining a real significant friendship when ALL you do is talk on the phone. I know.. what you mean, OP, the One on One thing is so much more important than idle phone chat.

I am having trouble now deciding if I can maintain a friendship where all we seem to be is "phone pals". I get lonely when I don't see people in person as my roommate is often away.

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