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Does approaching always need to happen?


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Im semi shy but not recluse. I love to converse and open up and have no problem getting to know a girl I find interesting ONCE the door has been opened. My problem is I think to much and I always put myself in a womens shoes since our biggest flaws as men is to assume we know what a woman wants.


This prevents me from approaching any women since I feel that If I was a woman I would not want some hungry man trying to get a taste of mind.


Do all woman need to be approached or are there other ways of opening the door to the part Im better at?

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I think the only other way is if the woman approaches you because someone has to take the first step. Even if you're in a group of people that you know, you'd have t open up a conversation with someone to get to know them better. Maybe you could try to not overthink it and treat it as getting to know another person and having a conversation, rather than looking for someone to have a relationship with?

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