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Suffering from a terrible crush!


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Argh please somebody help me get my head straight!


The story: Met a guy in June, we spent 6 hours talking at a party, really hit it off but he had a g/friend of nine months - in fact he was telling me about their problems - so even though I liked him I just forgot about the attraction.


This weekend I bumped into him again at an event, we spent the whole day (with our friends) together, having a great time. During this, he said if he was single I'd "be in big trouble" (I told him 'likewise') and later he told me he was going to leave his girlfriend shortly and he'd give me a call when he was single. He took my number at the end of the night.


Since the weekend my head's been all over the place! I am three months out of a five year relationship and this guy is the first person (apart from my ex, obviously) I've had that mutual attraction with in all that time. It's driving me crazy - I need to stop daydreaming and get on with my life before I get the sack from my job!


Any tips on how to get over a BIG crush asap?

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Hmmmmm...this is a tough one. He may NOT be leaving his girlfriend. Sometimes, they just say what they want you to hear.


I would put things into perspective and try to put yourself in his girlfriend's shoes and think of how you would feel if your boyfriend was behaving in such a way.


My best to you...



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