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My boyfriend and my best friend


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My best friend, who I adore, and my boyfriend get on extremely well...so well in fact that its starting to bother me a little bit and i find myself getting a bit jealous. They spend hours chatting on msn (my boyfriend only met my friend through me and we live in separate towns) and see each other without me, spending long periods of time together and even driving each other home in the evening when we visit. I trust my friend and my boyfriend says that he views her as his sister...but...its making me feel uneasy. My friend is always a little apologetic after they meet, telling me then how great he is and how happy she is for us, and I feel terrible for even thinking anything bad of it...but it is playing on my mind.


Am i Missing something or overreacting? What should I do? My boyfriend's (male) friend is coming to stay with us for two weeks and he is single - I am contemplating letting him have a taste of his own medicine...


Thank you!

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I don't think you have reason to worry but I do know the feeling.


I actually met my ex through my best friend so there was always that closeness they both had and I Did feel jealous even if I was probably wrong for feeling so.


Maybe you should talk to them about how it makes you feel? Bring it up casually maybe or do something all together once in awhile so no one feels left out? Hard situation.


I don't think making him jealous with his guy friend will help, just my oppinion.

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I agree with Gennifer. Trying to make him jealous won't work because in his mind he's not trying to make you jealous. You'll come off as insecure and immature.


What is their connection? Music, movies, politics? What do they spend hours talking about?

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I don't know what their connection is - everything it seems...They've only known each other a few months!


Hmmm. Tough one.


I would suggest talking to your best friend at some point (might be a little less awkward) about the dynamic of her relationship with your boyfriend. But right now, I would say you’re worrying about nothing.


Who knows maybe he spends a lot of time learning more about you.

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Yeah...maybe...I just always assume the worst as I have been cheated on in the past (by an ex) and my boyfriend knows how sensitive I can be. I feel more comfortable raising this with my boyfriend than my friend as he tends to be the one insisting they meet...

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I think it would be helpful – just don’t attack him – he’ll only become annoyed and defensive and you won’t get anywhere.


On the flip side, think about how lucky you are! Most girls would love it if their boyfriend and their best friend got along so well.

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