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Is She Keeping A Door Open?


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So after an almost 8-year relationship followed by a botched three-month separation (in which NC didn't really ever occur) that led to a breakup, are these the words of someone wanting "space and time and eventual reconciliation" or the words of someone "totally moving on"?:


"You are right, we need to break up, to make no promises and have no expectations. All this back and forth stuff made me realize that this is what I need. If we are meant to be together in the future, we will be when the time is right. But right now, I can't be in contact with you at all. I need to spare myself the pain and turmoil of seeing you right now. This is really sad and hard, but it is what I need. I miss you."




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i'm in the same boat at the moment - he doesnt know what he wants and has moved to a different country

it's like limbo...

i don't know if i should break/reduce contact for a bit to help him figure it out or what – I know he needs my support in a new country, and I want to be there for him, and we make eachother happy and I know I cant force anything…

don’t know what to do…..

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I hear you, qwerty1984. It's a tough place to be. My ex has been having a real identity crisis and I think that this breakup is a big part of her figuring that out. That makes reconciliation a toss-up, depending on who she decides she is, I guess. I can see how I could be a big distraction in that process (well, I can now anyways).


So many haunting memories. The last time she was over here (when we broke up) it started out with her talking about how she wanted to sit in the yard with her head in my lap and hear the songs that I had been working on (I write songs) and asking if I wanted to have dinner with her and her mother who was coming into town. She slept over, I made her pancakes in the morning, we were about to go for a walk and all of a sudden it was: BAM "we have to break up". What the heck?


NC and wait it out for a while?

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