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Hey its me again, i was talkin to my gf today and she was in a very sad mood, and she is one of those people who harm themselves if they get upset enough. i tried to cheer her up by tellin her i loved her and stuff like that, but it didnt seem to work. So, could you please tell me some things that might cheer her up???


all is appreciated , Thanks

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Hmmm, well if she is upset enough to harm herself then there is way more to the situation than simply "cheering her up".


I am very curious about what kind of "harming" you are talking about. Does she cut? Or has she attempted suicide? If you are fearing for her safety it may be time to turn to a school counselor or parents so they can check on her and get her some help.


I understand that you love her and I'm sure she appreciates that. But it sounds like it is a much deeper problem and that calls for special attention.


Please let us know more information and maybe I can give you more specific ideas about what to do.



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I see. I'm sorry to hear she is having so much trouble.


What I would recommend is that you also see the school counselor and ask for help with what to do. Since she is already in counseling, the best thing you can do for her is to love and support her. But perhaps the counselor will have more specific ideas on what to do...


Just tell her that you are there for her - no matter what happens. Make her feel safe and loved.



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