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Please..I Like This Guy but scared of Rejection

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I have this guy friend that i like a whole lot...and im pretty sure that he likes me to but hes extremely shy just like me, I sent him an email telling him that i do like him and willing to give it a chance as more than friends and that if he wants to talk to give me a shout! But like me hes shy and hints around alot that he does want to talk to me but were always around the guys ya know. This has been going on for like 2 months now..... and i figure its time that bring up the topic of it....by telling him that i do like him, and let him take over from there! But what i need help on is to know what are some ways to go about this by telling a good friend of urs of the opposite sex that you want to be more than friends, without scaring them away????



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wow grl..i know a lot of grls like you..u need to be straight forward and let him know how you truly feel.. do not be afraid of rejection..ive been rejected b4 and it just gives me more confidence each time. Tell him that you like him and tell him not to be shy and if he likes you back, then say it to u..make sure you guys are also alone and that his guy friends arent there cuz it will make him scared..right now you're being wat i use to be..dont worry..this is a stage you're easily going to move pass..good lucks

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it was good of you to get your feelings for him out there. if you still want to try, which would be good, i think you should try to get him alone & ask him how he feels about you. you have nothing to lose right now & he already knows how you feel, so ask him how he feels about you. then at least you won't have to keep wondering & you will know for sure. if you cant get him alone, try emailing him again & ask him, but it would probably be best to ask him in person because then he can't ignore it, or get out of it.

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jus tell him exacly how you feel and it should be alright, if you tell him everything and tell him how you were scared to ruin your friendship even if he doesnt share those feelings ( which he probally does share) he will still be your friend. Good luck and i wish you the best

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Good luck with him.....i'm with the person who's quote is "pain is inevitable", because everyone will get rejected once or twice in their lifetime....its happened to me a few times but i have learned alot from it, so dont fret about bein rejected!!!!!!!


--Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There aren't any good ways of telling your friends that you wanna cross "that line" without the fear of scaring the bejeezus out of him/her. If there were, there'd be no need for these message boards.


It implies some risk. But the best thing to do is be honest with him, and yourself. If you can't take that risk, be happy being his friend, and nothing else. If you wanna take the chance, we'll all wish you the best of luck.


If all goes well, let us know!!!!!! There are some out there (myself included) who would benefit from any advice. Even if it only serves to boost our confidence!

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