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Weight loss due to our breakups

Fireman Sam

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Hopefully this will be a lighthearted thread. Lord knows we all need one!!!


I never thought I would ever have a six-pack again.....yet here I am, 60 days till my 40th birthday...and I'm in the best shape I've been in for the last decade.


In the first couple of weeks since breaking up, I went from 178lb to 161lb...in just about 3 weeks. That was almost 1lb each day. I'm also training like a madman (weights and running).


This is the only good thing thats happened to me in the last 7 weeks.


Any other good stories about how their breakups have given them the drive & motivation to improve their health/fitness/physique??

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Oh yeah, same here. I lost the little bit of fat I had (I'm a slim guy anyway). Maybe 5-10 lbs lost. Started back in the gym and running, got the 6-pack back, way more energy than I've had for a long time, started my own garden (I find exercising makes me want to eat healthier), plus I've got the time to do what I want to do! Spur of the moment decision to spend the afternoon kayaking???? DONE!!!

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i almost always lose weight after a breakup.


in 2005, i lost very near 100 pounds, about 60 of which were lost after the breakup.


after my breakup last year, i lost another 25.


i gained a little weight in between, so i lost a total of about 110.


i'm finally at my metlife tables ideal weight range. i am now thin, which i previously thought was impossible.

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I hear ya!


Last summer when my STBX moved out after telling me about his affair, I couldn't eat. I threw up every time I tried to. I went from 220 to 180 in 3 monhs. I hadn't gained any back at all this past year and I even quit smoking too.


He came back in the fall last year. Moved out again in May 08. I've gained 5#.


I'm terrified I might gain it all back!!!

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This was a bunch of years back but when I was dumped by my g/f, I quit smoking. I'd been meaning to for a while anyway but since she smoked it was really hard. Out of anger and dispear, I quit smoking and it gave me something to occupy my time with during the breakup grieving process ("I miss her" rapidly became "I miss smoking")


Flash forward a bit and though this isn't a breakup, a girl I really liked finally told me why she wouldn't date me - I wasn't "buff" enough. That inspired me to go to the gym. In fact sometimes when I'm doing reps and right near the end and needing focus/inspiration instead of counting I will spell out her name (fairly long name).


I should probably thank both these women. They have no idea what a positive affect they had on my life.

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Three years ago, after a rough breakup, I lost 25 pounds lickity-split, but it was not in a good way. I got way too skinny. But eventually I gained it back.


Over the crashing and burning of the latest split, i've more slowly (and more healthily) lost almost 15 pounds, and feel great. I've been running regularly and keeping a calorie log so I know exactly where I'm at every day. I've been varying my work-outs and running with friends, which has improved both my social life and my fitness level.


The trick for me is running -- if I feel anxious, it helps calm me down, and of course there's the benefit of losing weight.



I'd like to find a way to avoid gaining that 10-15 "comfort pounds" if I ever find myself in another serious relationship again. It feels good to be fit. I think this time around I've learned more healthy ways of dealing with the emotions that surround a break-up.

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My breakup never gave me any desire to work on my body... I just naturally lost around ten pounds due to not having an appetite at all. I never knew my body could do that, where I could eat half a meal and couldn't stomach any more. It was bizarre. I'm slowly getting back though, and as I move over him I gradually see my appetite for life, love, and food coming back!

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It's funny how this all works. When you get of of a relationship you are thrown our of your comfort zone. This causes you to be more socially aware than you were when you were taken. You also obviously feel the desire to become more attractive to others when you are currently not in a dating relationship.


Survical of the fittest, haha.

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I used to love cooking soooo much. I would spend most weekends bbqing or cooking french cuisine. This would always involve drinking beer or wine and having a great time in the kitchen. Cooking was always a very social thing in our home.


Now....it's a struggle to cook toast and instant oatmeal.


I'm looking forward to just getting back to a somewhat normal existence.

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Well, my ex was a big fat cheater. so when he would get a new honey, he would just attack me personally. So at my biggest, I was a size 12 & 150lbs. Not bad, but not good. I am 5' 11''. Mind you its not like he had 6 pack abs and a rock hard body. Anyway, so I went to the gym. dropped to a size 8 on my own. Found out about the affair/s kicked him out, got a second job and now I am a size 2. All my friends at work are asking me what I did. I'm like weeelllll get a divorce and another job to pay the bills, the weight just falls off!!

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Karmageddon, 5'11" and size 2? Are you sure you're at a healthy weight?


I was just at the dr and he didn't say anything about it, so its fine, but no more. I'm not intentionally trying to lose it, but I am just constantly running with the jobs & this is where it seems to fall.

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