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  1. Actually, i think it is the truth. I know that i am not HOT, i don't have to be, what matters to me is that she wants to be with me and values me for more then ONLY looks. though it is not a compliment neither is it an insult. I'd be glad that she isnt superfical.
  2. stay out of it and keep your distance. You are the third party.
  3. the question was, "Who do you love more, God or me?" There is a very simple answer to that n this case, he loves God, and to many people(roman catholics included) that is just a natural FACT. No person can compare themselves to God and to even do so is just plain silly and immature. Religion defines people for who they are. A matured person will know that, IF she knowingly dates a guy that is thinking to become a priest, what right has she got to challenge his beliefs? It is just one of these take it or leave it situation and thus she should not be throwing a tantrum because he chooses God over her. To me it is quite a brain dead situation. As for Protex, stand by what you believe in, understand the re-processions of becoming a priest. Remember, you can believe in your religion and follow it without being a priest. You have options, but if you feel you have a calling talk to your priest and see where it goes. As for your girlfriend situation, the problem arises from the fact that you are not firm and you are trying cater to her but not giving her an answer from your own beliefs. You fear of the relationship ending is working against you. Know what you want, figure out where everything sits in your life (prioritize) and then stand by it. After that if she wants to stay or go is up to her.
  4. Another game. Another grab for attention. Sounds to me that this girl wants to think she is the center of the universe in your life. My opinion is that she is immature. I have seen couples mixed religious priorities and still get along well, why? because they understand why something are important for their partner and respect it. What you should do? Just because you love your religion doesnt mean that you have to be a priest. It sound to me that your religion is something you feel defines you. Things that YOU believe defines you are not worth giving up for a woman. Maybe, it is time to look for someone that matches you and your beliefs. Let her go, you will not regret it in the long run.
  5. sometimes it make me wonder why people are so suicidal, it only happens in the mass in developed countries. I have been depressed but sometimes it requires a sharp kick up the * * * * to get moving. It was a long process to get to where i a now. One of the things that helped me realize that there is more out there is going on a trip to a 3rd world/developing country, it forces you to see that there is a harshness to reality but these people can still laugh and be joyous with what they have. Buy a depressed people a ticket out of their 'comfort'zone.
  6. Do guys get deterred often? Not often but we get tired of games. I liken it to a jar of sand, (sand means patience/tollerence) every time you plays games and make him wait or test him a little sand come out. The more you test him the more sand come out. It comes a point here there is no more sand and he simply can't be bothered. Whether you test him delibrately or not, whether if it is your indecisions to be with him, he will see it as a test. He might feel that he has been tested enough and there isnt anymore 'sand' in the jar. He too tired of the crap. Decide if you want to be with him or let him go. No more games.
  7. Mate, do you know about the muslim culture and i MEAN really KNOW about the culture?? Or do you really not give a damn about the consequeces of your advice?? If your answer to the muslim culture is NO and you dont really give a damn to the consequences of your advice then better hold your tongue. In this situation it hasnt a damn thing to do with the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. If you use that line in a asian/middle eastern family argument the answer you will get is "you can take the AMERICAN government policies and shove it!". As we all know, american governemnt policies just suck when it comes to family structures and boast ignorance before common sense and understanding.
  8. lay low. Focus on your future. The problem in which you are going through is not new, it influences many teenage kids that are being brought up within an middle eastern culture in a western country. It JUST get really confusing!!!!! whether to adopt the western culture or hold on to your cultural/religious roots. This is when you weigh things and maturity comes in. You asked whether you are doing the right thing when it comes to disconnecting from the guy, I would say that you are doing the right thing. Looking at the bigger picture having your education and eventually gaining your independence where you are able to choose without MAJOR reprocussions is the more matured way of handling the situation. Sometimes we have to hold back on what we want now for what we will have in the future. Ssituations make us at times give up on boyfriends, you are young and there are many more fish in the sea/ocean. THere isn't "THE ONE" there is "THE ONE AT THE MOMENT" which means there can be many "ONES" over our life times. When time is right and situation is right, the "RIGHT ONE" with the same situation will come along.
  9. The amount of past partners is irrelevant, as EVERY relationship is new... its about how two people bounce off and relate to one antoher, not about what has happened in the past. I would disagree with this, every relationship is not 'new'. You carry your past experiences (good and bad) into your NEW relationship. I dont believe in a 'new' slate, because if it was then you would be making the same mistakes. It has everything to do with the pass. If a person has a tendency to continue having negative relationships i would be less likely to have relationship with that person. If someone has a high number beucase they dont want to setlle down, but theyre partner has a low number because they are only into long-term monogomy, thats not an issue of the number, its an issue of communication. i would more likely say it is a compatablity problem and not a communucation problem. Its PATHETIC to base a desicion like that off a number... it can be ONE out of many factors, sure, but not the deciding point of a relationship. Again, I dont quite agree. I don't believe it is pathetic to base a relationship on the number of ex lovers. It is about choice, people have the right to say what they can put up with and what weight they put on the number of partners their S.O has. I think many here would rise an eye brow if they found out their S.O has had 100+ partners. (it just says that the person might have a problem) In a relationship we all judge and we all test. The problem lays with acceptance. We are afraid of RISK, risking of telling the truth and facing the reprocussion of our past behaviour. IF you can live with yourself great. If your partner cannot live with the truth then MAYBE he/she isn't the right one for you.
  10. trust requires an extent of risk. Accept the risk that you will get hurt and you can then work on building trust.
  11. I never said the stigma doesnt exist. What i am saying is that women are part of the equation as well. They are not the 'victim' of the equation they are part of the equation and the create the equation within themselves when they refuse to be truthful to themselves and their partners.
  12. I trust you retract your baseless "Women are stigmatizing themselves because when and if the question is asked they refuse to give an honest answer" comment You know what, i won't retract it, just because my gf will give me an honest answer doesnt mean that the stigma doesn't exist. Again, the sentence " a woman never tells" says it all. Yes, it is a generalization and we all know how this forum feels about generalization and the fact that everyone WANTS to feel they are independent and different from everyone else, but unfortunately for these people statisitc proves otherwise. A prime example of women stigmatizing themselves is the fashion industry, so please please don't tell me that women dont stigmatize themselves, they do and this is only one aspect of it. she was being sarcastic... and i am as well
  13. Yeah..he should just get it over with. Then they both can move on...either together or apart. But another question...if he asks every woman he dates...how can he be SURE they aren't lying? Hmmm...you know how women are.... It's called TRUST. That is his problem, not ours and not has GF or future GF. Are yo putting a Stigma on yourself that you are a liar??
  14. i have actually asked because i wanted to know the woman that i am with. I dont want to know half the woman with half truths. It is pointless if it is full of halves. I trust she is telling me the truth and she trust that i will handle it. I have done stupid things in my past, and i mean STUPID but i dont regret it because that is what shaped me to what i am today. If she cant handle that and if i cant handle her past then we had better move on.
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