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Talking to a Guy: Question (mostly for males)


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So I've never really had to approach males before / I've never really been good at it? So I guess my question is this... do guys like it when a girl approaches them at the bar and how would a girl go by doing it (what should she say, etc)?


Also, how can a girl tell when a guy is interested in her even if they haven't spoken a word to each other? I find myself attracted to this really "mysterious" guy (I thought he was shy, my friend said he's mysterious haha) and I think I've seen him stare at me before and my friend said that he caught him checking me out (which I know doesn't really mean much since guys do that kind of stuff) -- but he hasn't said anything.

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this has been asked over and over again. yes, guys like it. just don't be mad if they arent' into you. this goes for males and females.


there is no for sure sign for anybody to show interest either. there are good indications: eye contact, more eye contact, smiling, little waves, etc. nothing is guaranteed.

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Yea, I like to be approached by females in bars -- who doesn't?


I prefer when girls make a move that is obvious but subtle. For example, if he’s ordering a drink at the bar and you were to come up and put your hand on his shoulder to get closer to the bar – that's his signal to turn around and it gives him a chance to determine whether he’d be interested in you.


The worst that happens is you find out he's not interested, but at least you’re right next to the bar and can get another drink!

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I think its good. i dont really get how some people look at it bad. It makes things go more smoothly i would say how one person isnt kinda going into it expecting to be doing much of the "work". Its more natural if ur attracted to someone to act on it. Im kinda in a phase right now where im looking to see if girls would come up to me or arent afraid to show that they are interested because i try to stay away from the games and so called traditions.

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I don't see why a man would not want a woman to approach him. I would like it (confidence boost!). And like what you hear many, many times on this forum, just go up to the guy and start talking to him. He may have the same fears you do.


I like Mr Me's view... screw tradition

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