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Think the relationship has its days numbered.

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Hey guys,

Right now im in a situation that I think is just waiting to blow up in my face. Ive been going out with this girl for a month and a half now and I care about her a lot. About 3 weeks ago she went away for a weekend in Ohio. When she came back we didnt get to see each other for two straight weeks because either she was working when I was off or I was working when she was off. The weekend before last I tried to get in contact with her on several times and couldn't. Before that when she got back from Ohio I only spoke to her on the phone. A friend of mine showed me her online journal and this is what she said on December 23.

ok i hate my job and i want to move away FAR away thank you very much .... crazy stalker boyfriend .... ughhh ohh and im tired for now thats it ohh yeah me and suzy are going to join the marines for the hot guys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea IM LOVIN IT

This was on the 23rd she wrote this. On the 25th I got a call from her, this was the first time that I had heard from her. She sounded enthusiastic and was inquisitive on how I was, what I was up to, etc. After that I didnt hear from her until Sunday night. She said she was busy. I tried to ask her if she wanted to go ice skating this week and she was like "I dont know". Today I talked to her on AIM for the first time since Sunday night and she said that she got home late yesterday. I IM'ed her later on and she had her away message. I told her if she wanted to hang out tomorrow (new years eve) during the day since we havent been together with each other for 3 weeks straight. She didnt respond even after she came back from away and then just signed off. Im getting a gut feeling that she might want out from the relationship but just doesnt want to be the bad guy and wants me to end up doing it. I need an objective view on this because I am utterly confused and dont know if I am just over analysing this. the way I see it, if she REALLY cared then she wouldn't leave me to dry for 3 day spans without any word from her. Thanks ahead of time guys.

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ok i hate my job and i want to move away FAR away thank you very much .... crazy stalker boyfriend .... ughhh ohh and im tired for now thats it ohh yeah me and suzy are going to join the marines for the hot guys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea IM LOVIN IT




Well At first I would say that you have no right going through her journal and see what happens when you go searching for things...YOU FIND THEM. But thats all the spanking i'm going to give you because who wouldnt want to read this juicy gossip..hehe She sounds like she is not ready for anything more then just friends. Who is this stalking boyfriend she is referring too? From reading this I'd have to say that she seems a bit up to no good. You found proof of this, so its up to you to do what you feel is best with it. Ok?Me

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I'd just give her the third degree and pretend she doesn't exist.

It might sound very, very childish, but she is so perhaps if she got a taste of her own medicine it would sting a little? Use an away message saying something like "Hiding from psycho girlfriend" or something.


After having read her journal I'd just completely cease all contact with her and not give her any explanations as to why. If she still wants to know, I'd tell her to stop acting like a stalker and say you're joining the marines (be sure not to tell her you're doing it for the hot guys though =).


She's not worthy of your time and feelings.

And don't be sad over this incident be glad that you can get out from this evil encounter alive!

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Thanks for the insight guys. I think that im just gonna wait for her to call me. Im gonna cease all contact with her and wait for her to contact me. If and when she does im gonna tell her that we need to talk. Face to face would be preferable but if its on the phone so be it. Im gonna flat out tell her that I wanna know if she wants to try and make this relationship work or not because im getting vibes from her that she doesnt wanna stay in this. Personally I will be disappointed if it ends. Not so much because I care about her a lot, but because I didnt talk about it when my gut told me to speak up. Im just glad that I came out of this stronger and wiser. And btw akatoro, I did join the marines already and am scheduled to leave for boot on july 19th 2k4. Hows that for a trip?

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Hey 220


I remember we chatted before about this stalker stuff. Have you ever confronted her on why she says this and even puts it in print ? Being a stalker is "NOT" the image I'm sure you are seeking, As far as your question is concerned, if you do not take care of this like yesterday. "YES"

your days are numbered if not up already. And the reason you may have not seen her for several weeks, may not be the real reason.




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lool its quite ironic she found this comment on 'stalking boyfriend' when you was secretly looking through her journal.


Kuhl hit the spot on what i was thinking as well, and Akatoro was right in saying that you should have dropped it when you read her journal and what she said init.


Leave it alone, i doubt a relationship with her attitude and state of mind about you is going to go anywhere at all. You know it wont last and its a waste of time staying in it. If you don't end it then she will. Make a fresh start for the new year.


(Akatoro your post had me on the floor laughing )


Good luck

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