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we kissed but does he like me? answer plz


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hey everyone...

the other night this guy i've started to develop feelings for called me and asked me if i wanted to go do something. he is aware of the fact that i have a boyfriend and of who my boyfriend is. i agreed to go; i was sure nothing would happen. we drove around, and just acted like friends. i was loving just being around him. anyway...when i got home he asked for a kiss. i couldn't resist and we frenched real quick then we said bye and he left. i'm wondering if he likes me, because i cant tell. i know the kiss thing seems like duh of course, but the whole 2 hours before, we didn't really flirt we just talked like 2 people who have no sexual attraction to each other and then.....that at the end.


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First off EmptySoul, just because you heard(not even directly) from some dude that your current b/f would screw around with another chic does not make what you did right at all. Shame on you for kissing another person while you have a boyfriend. You should be feeling shameful of this low act.


So what, you two kissed, big deal. I've kissed plenty of girls I'm not attracted too. A kiss doesn't generally mean this guy likes you. He might've just been horny.


You should tell your boyfriend what you did, if you don't like your current boyfriend anymore don't do these low acts of kissing other guys behind his back. Tell him straight out you want to break up.


If a chick did this too me and I had strong feelings for her I'd pull out my glock 9 and put a cap in her dome.

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