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Ok, to start off I am going out with this girl named Heather and weve been together like a week. I like her, and we seem to have a lot in common, but I kind of feel its mostly sexual. We mostly just make out with a little talk in between. Not that that is a bad thing, but I am looking for something more mental.


On the other hand my best friend Jessie has confessed her love to me and I have loved her for 5 years. We are extremely close, and I feel completely connected to her on so many levels compared to Heather. The difference is Jessie is going through a divorce, and she also has a kid. But thats ok with me I lvoe her daughter like my own.


Im with Heather now and Im really not sure if I should break up with her for Jessie or not, Im kind of confused. I dont want to hurt Heather, but I love Jessie more then anything in the world. I just need some guidence. I kind of feel like Im not giving Heather the chance she deserves, but thats hard to do when Jessie has always been on my mind. Help me out please. Thanks to all the responses.

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