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Hi everyone,

Christmas is a wonderful time, but it can also make people behave very weirdly...


A friend of mine slept with her good friend's boyfriend at a christmas party this week (actually not even a boyfriend but someone the good friend has a very "special" friendship with - basically she's inlove with him and he's not sure). Now the cheating friend is to-tally torn apart by this, and I don't know what to say to her. It was a classic mistake that from what I've understood isn't too uncommon. They were both drunk and it "just happened". From what I can make out, both agree it was just a mistake. No plans to go any further.

The dilemma I'm in is three-fold: I know all three persons involved, and I'm having a loyalty issue here. Should I say anything to anyone? how do I support my guilty and distraught friend? What about my loyalty to the friend that's been cheated on? Shouldn't she know the guy she's inlove with just screwed someone else? My gut feeling tells me to stay clear of this. But then I wonder what I would want my friends to do if I were the one being cheated on by someone I was inlove with, and my resolve falters. Any advice?

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Cheating is a very very bad thing. It totally destroys. I understand your situation. And as loyal as you may be, I suggest you mind your own business on this one, it gould get sticky. You might get caught in the middle. Let them work it out. They were the cheaters not you, you did nothing wrong.



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It's a sticky situation indeed.

Cheating is always wrong but staying loyal to your friend(s) is a hard thing to do in this case seeing as both of them deserve loyalty, being your friends.


But wanting to do right, I do, I would seriously consider telling your other friend the truth. If nothing else, it'll teach your second friend to keep her butt to other people than the ones she knows her friends fancy.

- Then it's up to your faltering friend to sort it out and prove she is worthy of that girl's and your friendship.

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