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I just wanted to tell everyone that forgiveness is very important and is something we must learn to do. No matter what we must learn to do what God has done for us so many times and learn to forgive others even if it hurt us deeply. Forgiveness is a step towards peace and inner peace also please try your hardest to learn to forgive and forget.


If anyone has anything to add to this please feel free to add your thoughts and feelings about this subject.

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My ex broke up with me back in August. We have only talked twice since then, but it has been very difficult. During our relationship, I always thought that she held onto past pain a little too long. It seemed that she was always in the middle of some crisis in her life, whether it be with her roommate, her boss, etc. I thought sice we had a pretty close relationship that I would be above all of the anger that she felt. WRONG. She broke up with me without much of a reason, and then went on to avoid me and do some kinda mean things.


Initially, I took the burden of the break up onto my shoulders. I was reading things on how to get back together and what things I could change. I learned a lot about communication and feelings and things, and I tried talking to her about it once. But even after a few months, it was clear that she hasn't been able to forgive me, much like she doesn't forgive anybody else.


After time I realised that I don't really want to be with a person who seems driven by anger and pain. I want somebody who can forgive and enjoy the freedom that forgiveness brings both parties. I still love her, but she has to learn forgiveness, and that is the bottom line.


While going through life we will be wronged by somebody at some point. Its just the way it is. Now you can either be angry for the rest of your life, or you can forgive and move on. If you are angry, you will probably not enjoy yourself. So for your own sake, forgive people.


Best Wishes,


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I agree that it is really important to forgive, but confess that I don't know how. If I feel taken advantage of or hurt, I just can't seem to move past it or let it go. I don't know what to do about it. So I basically end up waiting till that person screws up again so I have more ammo to add to the pile. I don't want to be like this anymore, I just don't know how to correct it.

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Boy I really like what swift said about forgiveness. That is the key to restoring your soul and becoming a whole person once again after emotional pain and suffering. And like Sharkwoman said. Easy to say and very very hard to do. I'm guilty 2 !!!!


Forgive us all, we are all human !!!!!




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