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What does a Maybee mean?


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I asked this girl if she liked me or just wanted to be real good friends? She told me that she liked me. This was awhile back maybee 2 months. I kept pushing her to go out but she said she had some family problems. Its been a little while since i asked her that first time, but we finally went out to lunch the other day.. So i decided to ask her again if she liked me or just wanted to be friends..She said this time maybee. I said I would be ok with if she just wanted to be friends. She said she was not to sure about anythnig and said maybee again..She also said she was going to keep that answer to her self. I dunno what this means at all why cant she just give me a yes or no answer? I think I came off a little deseparate and needy and that might be a big turn off..Maybee I should step back and leave her alone for a few weeks? My friend asked her if she liked me and she said he is one of the nicest guys she has ever met..I really like this girl, but I dunno if its just a bunch of false hope...I also stated that I didnt want to bug her and that if my flirting, and trying to win her heart would bother her, and she said no..But that she didnt want me to think that she was just trying to lead me on if thinks didnt work out...



One thing I would like to add...At the beginning of all this she would come up to

me and flirt and say silly things why wont you marry me etc...She was really flirty to me

I really didnt even know her to much at this time...Time went by and one day she tells me

that she had a dream that we got married...So I decided to flirt back...So i kept pestering her

to do something with me, and I think deseparate is the fastest way to turn off a woman..So maybee

me being to desperate for her has turned things around...

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Yes you are coming accross as desperate. Yes that's a big turn off and yes, she is probably just "appeasing you" because she doesn't know how else to get rid of you. You need to learn how to back it off somewhat and let them come to you to some extent. When you are doing all the contacting and you know you are "pushing her", then you are in definite need of a time out. Learn from it. Stop contacting her. Let her come to you, if she doesn't, then you know for sure. She may even come looking for you when she sees the change.

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Well honestly if i walk near her she will put on a big smile

and ask me how Im doing...Ive actually walked away from her

a few times because I had work to do or something...I just decided to call

her an apologize for being so annoying with the do you like me questions? I also said im not going down that road anymore and it is what it is...She said thats ok and that she had a really good time at lunch...What Im really asking is can you turn that needy desperate thing around so maybee you can get her attention again? I know she liked me at one point she even stated that, but my deseperation pretty much turned her off...

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don't apologize for things like that. you're putting yourself in the friend zone. and she already thinks of you as a really nice guy. which is bad news for you. i would just stop contacting her for now and leave her be. maybe talk to her once a week or something.

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Ya guess I kinda of acted childish, but I really do like this girl...

Sometimes I think woman will do that to you I cant figure out how to get a date outta her ;O...Going to take a vacation for 2 weeks

gonna see how things go when I get back maybee try an take it slow, and be more confident...

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