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Is She Pregnant


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My girlfriend is 14, we had sex for the first time a few days ago, without protection of course. we were so horny we decided that i would just pull out. but i didnt feel it coming and oops. just a lil went in her. we heard that you can only get pregnant 2 days before and 2 days after you menstral cycle begins. i am worried sick and she also having "new felings, is that possible a week after it happened, i would appreciate any info you can give me....



concerned boyfriend

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There's no way of telling whether she is or not from what you say. I think you'd likely want to check you information again. While there are times of her cycle she's most likely to get pregnant, there is a fairly wide range of time she can become pregnant. It is actually possible, although extremely unlikely, that she can become pregnant in any part of her cycle. Also remember that sperm can live for quite a while. This is why the rhythm method of birth control is very unreliable.


If she was in the middle of menstruation when you had sex, the chance is very, very low she'll be pregnant. But again, very unlikely. You mentioned about her cycle, but didn't say at what point she was.


It only takes a bit. The likelihood again is dependent on quantity, and not of quantity ejaculate as such, but on actual sperm count. The method of birth control you use is highly prone to failure. Even if you pull out in time, there can even be sperm present in your pre-ejaculate, although again, very little, and that might depend on when you last came as well.


I hope for your sake that she is not pregnant this time. But for heavens sake, get yourself educated, and use birth control next time. Hopefully she feels odd because she is nervous about it.


I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just trying to give it to you straight up. It might be an idea to have her take a pregnancy test.

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Ash is absolutely correct - every woman's cycle is different, and sperm can be pretty hardy - it can live up to 3-5 days inside a woman's body. Even using the rhythm method CORRECTLY, which involves taking body temperature and charting it every day with a special thermometer - there's a 1 in 5 chance of pregnancy within a year using that method. Cycles and sperm survival are just too unpredictable to make it a very reliable method of birth control.


It usually takes more than a few days to "feel" pregnant - so have her take a pregnancy test for both of your peace of minds. I hope she's not pregnant this time, but the sooner you find out, the sooner you can either be at ease or know if you've got that to deal with.


Don't rely on what you've heard, or what your friends say, when it comes to sex and birth control - do the research, ask questions - the only truly stupid questions are the ones you don't ask and find out the assumptions were wrong So don't worry about looking stupid or ignorant.


And if you're going to continue to be sexually active, decide together on a birth control method that's reliable - and use it EVERY TIME. I'd suggest a combination of a condom and a spermicidal foam or gel as backup - not hard to carry around, and not something either of you have to go to a doctor for, or rely on remembering to take a pill daily. You guys care enough about each other to have sex, so make sure from now on you care enough to have it responsibly, ok?

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its always an uncertainty and something you'd need to check up one, unprotected sex is always a bad option, buit like you said spare of the moment horny and well cant change it now. so id get checked up, as for the dates in which it could happen, it could occur at any time, everyones different so she COULD be pregnant.


get it checked, talk to her, sort out what you want and things then everything should be ok, hopefully.

as for feelings i dont really know about this one, sorry.


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Ash and Morrigan are right.. it really depends when in her cycle you guyz had sex. And the feelings shes having.. like nausea (or whatever hers are) really could just be caused by her being nervous.. You guyz should just buy a pregnancy test and see for yourselves.. maybe you should go with her to buy it so she doesn't feel so akward.. because I doubt that her parents know that shes sexually active.. How old are you though? But maybe she should talk it over with her parents just in case, so they can know that she thinks shes ready for such a step and they can get her on birthcontrol so the next time you guyz have sex you wont have to worry so much about her getting pregnant.. you also have to remember birth control isnt 100% guaranteed that the girl wont get pregnant.. so even if her parents get her on it.. It would be a good idea to also use condoms..

good luck on all of this

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