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Want to move things along a bit.


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i made a post before about this girl being hot and cold. Well lately she has been a little better since her grad, from college. She had a small party with family and her college friends. She couldn't really talk to me much during her party since friends and family were there and see was running around.


Everyone left around 9ish we got to hang out without her friends there for about an hour after it ended. I got her some chocolate as a present and a card saying i would take her out to dinner. The attraction was there all day, just little things. Like poking and small stuff like that. When we were together we put her head on mine, stuff like that. She walked me out to my car, and she once again gave me a big kiss before i left.

Everyday since i have gotten a text or a call from her. It just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I did try to move it along once about month ago. She said she couldn't do it, she was hurt badly. She also said "Please don't hurt me". It kind of stuck with me. Another thing is she rarely asks me if i want to hang out. I always end up asking her. When i do (if she isn't busy) she gladly sees me. Like this weekend i asked her to hang out, she was busy both days which is fine.

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If you are really interested in this girl, give it a little more time. What exactly do you guys do when you hang out? How far does it go (if you don't mind me being a little personal)?


Also the "please don't hurt me" kind of puts up a red flag, how were her past relationships? Did she get really hurt? She might not be moving things along with you because she's scared of being hurt like her (alleged) ex did.

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She said he did some jerk-like things to her when the broke up. I don't think it was a good break-up. I had one too at about the same time, so i know what she is going through. But she had to see her's everyday due to college. But now she is out and done. I am willing to give it more time, i just don't want it to be for nothing. Before she said "Please don't hurt me" we would make out when we saw each other. But this was only about 3 weeks in. Since then it's been lighter, but the affection has been there.

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She didn't really say it over and over. She only said it once, and never really brought it up again. This was about 1.5 months ago. Just since then, it feels like she has been holding back. I want to start seeing her more than just once a week.

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