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Finally...I am over him...and it feels so good!!

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Hello all!!


If any of you remember me, you would know that my ex boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago, and it was a hard breakup. This man literally tried to destroy me. He reminded me everyday that i was worthless, i wasnt doing anything with my life, and i had no friends. When i would tell him things that I have never told anyone else, he would take that and put my business all out in the streets. He hurt me so much, one night, I actually tried to kill myself, because I was so ashamed. I never thought a man would be able to love me, because that's what he told me.

After we broke up, i told a while to heal and find myself. I had several counseling sessions with a therapist who helped me out a lot. And then, a man finally comes into my life, who loves me! He doesn't judge me, he doesnt critize me, he doesnt think of me any less for the woman I use to be.

So now, I am honestly on cloud nine. Everyday i wake up, i have so much joy and happiness in my heart. And whats funny about it, is that now that my ex-boyfiend sees me happy, he's trying to come back into my life!! He texted me the other day saying i am always on his mind and he is so remorseful for the things he did to me and he wants to work things out. Do you know what I said to him??

"I'm sorry, I cant hear you...I am now deaf to your pleas as you once were to mine!!"

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Congratulations! Very inspiring for a lot of people. Enjoy your life and do not ever let anyone put you down ever again. Your not the last person to let a man say things like that to her and wont be the last, but definitely it is very inspiring for women who are going through the same thing.


I was very much so in such a relationship, and I thank God it ended. I stopped loving the person he was even before we broke up, and now I am on cloud nine and happier than I could ever be. Have a new man in my life, who absolutely treats me like a princess and every day he assures me of how happy I make him. I could not ever go back to such a relationship like I was in with my ex.


Have fun, enjoy your life because it is too short to dwell on the past especially when the past revolves around some pretty crappy people ( in this case ex).

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