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I am not a lesbian but I am pretty sure that a sexual position that my GF favors will probably work.


Inter lock your legs together (while you are on your left side) so that her right leg is accross your stomach.


A visual... open your pointer and middle fingers on both hands and interlock them.

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Hey everyone....so I am a lesbian and I was wondering, does anyone know that is a lesbian of course of any good sex positions? any idea on how to get our cl*ts to touch? anyone ever done that?




there is but it's very very difficult. hahahhaahh the whole concept of it is nice but i don't think it could get you off. like someone else said it's the scissor position.

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Absolutly ladies do that, just like everyone said do the scissor position its great! Also you can do it in missonary positon too. The person on bottom puts a small pillow or wad the blankets up under her butt the other lady gets on top and presses kinda hard (use lub it helps alot) anyways thats alot of fun too!

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