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A Dream. Does it mean something? Dream interpreters needed please.

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Ok so me and this girl have been going out for almost 6 months and now that its summer break and we have mutually decided to take a break for the summer....Now, i'm really into this girl, and i really wanna get back together after summer, but i agree the break will be good for us. However, i am REALLY scared that we will get back and she will have fallen for another guy...


So here's the dream...


Ok so school is back in session and for some reason its located at my old middle school. Anyway the first thing i want to do is find her. But i can't. So i see a whole bunch of people surrounding this guy (lets call him Jake). So people are surrounding Jake. Now the significance of Jake is that 1) he is my gf's most recent ex; 2) Me and him are constantly head and head with several things; 3) He is always trying to one up me with his skills or knowledge and i do the same. Anyway, someone says "Hey Jake! I heard you have a girlfriend!" and he says "Yeah! I'm going out with Sarah" (lets call my gf Sarah). and i say "WHAT?!" and run away and run into Sarah and i ask her about it and she says its true and that its over between me and her. So i break down and run off and i run into this other girl (Lets call her Jane) who i am really good friends with, who i almost had a romantic relationship with, but it never happened, and Sarah has been jealous of on numerous occasions. She asks me why i'm so upset and i tell her Sarah broke up with me and she hugs me and says "Yay" and i say "Why yay?" and she says "Because now you'll be normal again!" and i say "I have changed, haven't i?" and then i start crying and hug her harder. Then i woke up.


I'm not sure if this is my mind trying to tell me something or what. I asked my best friend and he says i haven't changed much at all since i have been going out with Sarah. So i'm wondering, what does this dream mean?

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