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whom my heart should goes to


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It was just confused when I tried to figure out where is my heart goes, I would appreciate some opinions about my friends:


Mr. A is quite handsome, good looking, good shape, sweet, smart person. He is not a big talker; he works hard. We now lived in two different states, so it is a long distance relationship. Recently, he told me that he want us to be together again if our relationship grows in the future. He is a traditional guy; he would take care of his family with all his heart.


Mr. B is a kind, considerate, positive, a very good quality guy. I trust his opinions when I need a support because I knew he want the best for me. The friendship has been growing further more recently, he has expressed he has feelings for me and he wants to see each other more often.


Mr. C is a women’s kind of man. He likes attention and likes to do some sweet things to surprise his woman. Being with him is like walking into a drama story, a lot of emotional love and hurt….etc. You will never tell what he will do next. Unfortunately, He is like a magnet for me because we so much alike. It is just so easily to love him.

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Unfortunately, no one can make these decisions for you. Only you know what's in your heart.


Good luck to you...




Agree with Allie... no one can tell you where your heart goes but you, and that is why life is so difficult sometimes


Possibly why I'm still single myself and struggling to figure it all out as well.... I'm working my way through the alphabet as well... sigh.


From the sound of just your very short post though, it sounds like your heart is already racing fastest for Mr. C though... is that true? Would he make a good partner for you... would things work out?


I wish you luck.

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I'd say it'd be between A and B because they seem a lot more stable.


Both seem like good options. Pick whoever seems to bring out the best in you and you could see yourself with down the road.


Hate to say it, but most long-term relationships work out because they have both practical and intangible benefits. Man C may be easily lovable, but it might be the case that his drama-fits could rock the boat a little too much. The other two seem more predictable, but that might get boring depending on your priorities. You're just going to have to think long and hard in determining what is best for you.

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