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I screwed up in the beggining... I know this is a lengthy thing but i need help...plz read


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OK so i met (re-met) this girl last summer, ( i knew her before but i didn't really talk to her all the time), i'll call her Jane in this post. i was in a relationship at the time, and i talked with jane all the time about the problems i was having with my long distance relationship. so my girl friend and i broke up, i was hurt and not ready to get serious for awhile. I knew jane liked me, but i wasn't ready, so i made her believe i liked someone else...alot...which i really didn't. so anyways school comes around, and i'm still not ready, i'm serious damaged at this point. still. so i set jane up with a friend, not thinking, and dated someone to try to get my self esteem back, which didn't work cause she broke up with me after a week, so i'm confused by this, and in the meen time jane is still with my friend. i'm hurt and jane is seemingly happy, so i try to pursue the girl who just dumped me, i made myself like her because i told myself i did, over and over, anyways about three four month later jane tells me she's in love with me, and she has been for awhile (yes ik ur gonn asay she's a stupid teen and i'm a stupid teen but w/e) she said this and i told her i couldn't hurt my friend, and that her and I had to be just friends right now. ok so anyways now we're dating she broke up w/my friend after 8 months, after i slipt and told her i liked her, and now jane is w/me, but now jane doesn't believe me when i tell her stuff, and she thinks that i'm lieing about likeing her since last summer, since i dennied it to everyone even though i always hinted i did, she admited there were times she thought i liked her before, but she says i was just flirting with her for fun,and that i flirt with everyone, which i don't, and if i do i do it different, and she thinks i'm going to leave her for another girl (the one i was pursueing while she dated my friend) and that girl is causeing some problems by saying stuff to jane. i don't know what to do i can honestly say i love jane, and she loves me, i don't know if we'll make it forever since we're still in high school, but i'd like it too, and i believe her not trusting me and hateing me for what i did will cause this not to work. what can i do to prove to her that i love her and she can trust me, and that i wont leave her for someone else??? please help

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