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Im Always the 1st to initiate msn convos with her :S ...


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Hey everyone! this might seem a dumb question - im posting it in this section because it is ultimately about 'relationships' in the sense that its about inter-personal interactions or wtvr haha more than anything else - dont think of it in terms of an 'internet dating' question please.

anyways here goes.


In an attempt to get over a heartbreak situation ive had recently, Ive looked for 'more fish in the sea', through the internet - which actually, when ive used it, has been quite a good experience for me since I have been lucky and have found quite a few friends on there. (Im a girl and Im bi!).


Lately, Ive been getting to know this one lesbian girl through msn (after we exchanged emails) and she always laughs at what i say, i think is finding me funny/amusing and when i ask her things or say, her hobbies or whatever, she always seems very enthusiastc in her answer. But for some reason, Im ALWAYS the one to start the conversations!!! always always always.. Im just wondering if its a sign to give up on her (we've talked about 8 times now or so).. but as i say, i dont know if maybe shes just not interested or something. What do you think? whats weird is that when i do speak, she always replies quite eagerly. thanks for any advice or opinions!

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Perhaps you are not being as "obvious" about your interest as you would like to think and she is still uncertain as to whether she should initiate the contact? As in, maybe she feels the same confusion as you do?

Or, perhaps she is not always nearby her PC and doesn't see the "xxx has just signed in" message - but only the orange blinking of your message when it arrives?! (I often just walk by my PC to discover 4 friends messages blinking away!)


If she is responding well to your conversations and equally as chatty as you, then I think at the least you have a friendship... Maybe hang half hour and see if she initiates?!

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I just happened to realize I responded to 3 of your threads, ones that I couldn't help but respond cause your questions often resonate with what I'm going through. You're always in such a similar situation as I except that I'm a guy.


When something like that happens, I just couldn't figure out what it is that i'm doing that caused them to not respond well, or at least in an attracted level. I sometimes question myself whether I sound too eager. The truth of the matter is that when they don't initiate, I feel rejected because I know deep down that if she's interested, she'd initiate by now... even if she does have a boyfriend.

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She probably doesn't have that notification that tells her when someone signed on. Which would be pretty understandable if she has a lot of people in her contact list.


It's likely that she doesn't even notice when you're online (again pretty uinderstandable especially if she has like 200+ people in her list), she might be like me - I almost never initiate any msn convos with someone. (only my best friends).


Or she's just not at her pc a lot of the time... meh, there's a number of reasons why she wouldn't message you first. Absolutely doesn't mean that she isn't interested in you or doesn't like you.

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