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I wrote about my break up on here and i have moved on and i am seeing someone else. Unfortunately, because we run in the same circles, i still hear about her or what she said from time to time.


I talked to my best friend one night and heard she had been coming around the bowling alley (he's a mechanic there) and that she has started spreading rumors about me. She basically said that i made the story up and that i am kind of a bit crazy. Well needless to say i went a little nuts (heh..bad but i did..) and i messaged her saying that i want my XBOX, PS2, and my Wii that i told her she could keep or else. I basically bullied her into giving it back.. I thought that i was owed a lot more then that and she could have swept me and her under the rug. Unfortunately she didn't and unfortunately neither did i.


I think i am horrible. Am i??


*I did buy all those things with my own money but still, i think it's a bit too much. That and it has been 8 months.

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