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Someone Help me, how do I get her back?

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hey everyone, well.. let's see where do start. I love my ex. I know it. I truly deeply love her and care for her. We had the most amazing incredible relationship. I think most people would kill for the relationship we had, and I feel so lucky to have had it. Throughout our relationship, my girlfriend was always very open and honest with me. She was always amazingly cute and sweet and wanted to spend all of her time with me. We spent almost every single day (all day) together for 8 months. Our relationship actually began around x-mas time last year... but anyway... soon enough we both went off to college. She gradually became busier and busier and seemed to never have any time for me. She became less and less sweet and most often never really wanted to speak on the phone for more than a few minutes. She didn't have that many friends in high school, but has so many now. We fought more and more because I became needier and needier as I felt her slipping farther and farther away. We broke up once for about a month but I still told her every day that I loved her and needed her. Well, we came home for x-mas break after we had gotten back together about a month earlier (things were somewhat the same during this time except she called very often..) and she dumped me. For good it seems. Her mom has informed me that she is very interested in someone else, but she tells me she is not with him. She doesnt know what she wants to do and has told me that if she is going to do anything with him.. it's not going to be for a long time.. she just wants to be alone. Well that is the exact thing she told me a year ago. She won't give us another chance "yet" (so she says) because "things won't work", or "they are not working" I've been miserable and even thought of ending my life. She knows this. I cannot stop sending her all sorts of text messages and constantly wanting to call her and talk to her. I tell her I love her at the end of each phone convo and she says "i love you too" but very soft and quick and then hangs up... definitely not the same as she used to. This girl wanted to marry me and used to tell everyone she loved me. What do I do? How do I get her back? how do I make her see that we have something so amazing and special and not to give it up?

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That article that Avman referred to helped me tremendously. I did not follow the instruction found in it, but I am now following them. I have received so much great advice on this site that I cannot begin to tell you how much they want to help in here for it is unreal. My only advice to you is follow the advice on the article and see where that takes you. It won't help ease the pain, but it will explain the pain so you know what to do in the next stage of your life. Follow it to the T and I promise you that you will be a much better person for it. I did not follow it and Now I feel great remorse for not following it.

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