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Hey everyone.


I've been a student for way too long. Over the last four or five years, I have become really fat, and unhealthy.


I don't do any exercise, eat takeaway all the time, and seeing as all my university course involves is sitting hunched over a guitar, I just don't see how I can shake this.


I love martial arts, and airsoft, but being a student, have absolutely no cash!


O.K., so what I need is the best way to not only get fit, but change my physical appearance. I want to get rid of my stomach, and get abs!


I need to do this in the quickest possible time frame. I'm thinking a month or two.


I need a step-by-step, 'how-to'. I've never actually been that fit, but not fat either. Recently, I've noticed my weight creeping up, as I have settled into my lazy habits.


I just need a list of exercises, and how many I should do/how long I should do them for.


I also need some nice person to plan me a diet.


Thanks in advance for all your help, guys.



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Depending on how obese you are, 1-2 months might not be realistic. People only lose 1-2 lbs per week.


80% is diet. You have to count your calories. You have to have less going in than you use up in a day.


Also, read this. Fireproof is a buddy.


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You will ABSOLUTELY do best on a low carb diet! Don't even BOTHER trying anything else... Why? Because LC is the best "bang for the buck" with the best satisfaction to price ratio. It can also be done at any restaurant you can imagine... Short of battered fish and chips shops perhaps.


I'm not going to do a real day by day for you. By the sounds of it, if you cut out pop, junk, and refined bread/cereal/pasta you will lose weight just fine. You don't have a weight problem likely... You have a diet problem. You realize this, so great.


What to eat? Fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, cheeses. Go ahead and have full-fat dressings. Avoid low-fat versions of stuff because it's full of chemicals. Have REAL whenever possible. REAL dressings, REAL cheeses, REAL condiments. Avoid processed meat if and when you can (because it's crappy for you, not because it makes you fat) and have clean chicken, chops, steaks, fish etc over luncheon meats or hot dogs. I bet that by cutting out the fries in your takeout alone you'll do well. Please note that this is NOT the pound of bacon a day diet, or the eat an entire cow diet. You should be having veggies at LEAST half but ideall 3/4 of the quantity of the meal. And by the way, corn, peas, and potato in any form are not veggies.


So what can you get in a restaurant? My stand-by is a bacon cheeseburger, sans bun, with a salad instead of fries. This can be done in any restaurant and if not, then there's usually the good ol' standby chicken ceasar salad. I don't eat the croutons but you probably could.


As for exercise, someone else will have to help with that. I'd say lots of cardio, so running, biking, etc but as for building mass you'll do best to take advice from some of the other folks here. Good luck!

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I'm going to guess that you are a music major? I too am a music major and at times most of the stuff I do involves sitting on my ass. When I started college I actually lost a ton of weight due to a couple things. 1.I was walking/running around so much and 2.I never had time to eat (this is really unhealthy)


One thing I always try to do is take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if I'm carrying my instrument and gig bag. Another thing you could do is not order takeout, or if you do, try to get something healthy instead of pizza or a burger and fries. Another thing I do is I try not to drink pop. (or soda as some people call it) Try to drink tons of water also.


As far as exercising goes, I probably should ask for advice too lol. I know most people would say to try to start jogging. You can do that by starting off walking and then try to jog for a minute and then walk and repeat. I know this isn't a typical exercise, but a ton of my friends lost weight by playing DDR. They were all huge gamers and got the game and just lost crazy weight from playing and being active.


I hope some of my ideas help you, good luck

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a ton of my friends lost weight by playing DDR. They were all huge gamers and got the game and just lost crazy weight from playing and being active.



haha, DDR is difficult to lose stomach fats though. Probably builds leg muscle mass.


The quickest most natural way is to move away and go to places like Europe or Asia.


Otherwise, restricting yourself or taking up an exercise routine is always a difficult way to lose weight.

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