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Resources for people that need them?


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Can we please start a forum that is titled RESOURCES


It could be resources for people that need help with domestic violence. It could be people willing to take in others in need. I would let someone sleep on my couch if they needed to get away from a violent parter ( for 2 nights ) , if they are in the Los Angeles area.

Resources for low cost/ sliding scale psychologists in your area.

Resources for kids.

Resources for the elderly

Resources for animals in need.

Resources for Spiritual growth.




What ever comes to us, we can add it to the resource forum. And there needs to be a way to search within that forum : like Resources and Missouri and domestic violence would come up with certain posts.


If each member added one resource, we could help a lot of people.

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Well we have thought about this but can you imagine the size of the thread/database if we started to record local resources for all the things you mentioned. You have to remember eNotalone is a global site and caters to people all over the world. The other problem you have when you start a resource database like this would be keeping it up to date and keeping it easily navigatable.


Generally, if the membership considers that someone is need of local resources it is handled on a case by case basis.

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The case by case basis seems to work.


Last week a girl in Florida was getting laid off, so I and someone else posted a link to Florida's unemployment office.


But the time it would take to post the unemployment office for all 50 states, etc... would be extremely daunting.

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