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Did not see this coming...


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Something strange happened over the weekend to me and I'm not sure if its due to a few of the lifestyle changes I have taken on in the past few months or not but Let me tell you, it sure felt great.


We were out at the bar having a few drinks over the weekend. I was with friends and a close "female friend", we'll call her A. Well actually its a girl that I have been hanging out with for a few weeks, nothing serious, but basically she is just here for the summer for an internship and is staying at my friends parents house while she works her. We go out for drinks, hang out, she will occasionally sleep over at my place. We will cuddle but nothing more than that. I dont really see it going anywhere as of now, but wouldnt be opposed to it.


The only thing is she will be going back to school at the end of the summer about 4 hours away, and will actually be out of the country for a few months.


So we are at the bar, have had a few and are most likely being a little more friendly with each other than usual. Lets just say that for people seeing us and not knowing the background it may have looked like we were together.


But anyway, later in the evening a girl whom I have talked with briefly before (girl B), comes up and randomly says "hey we should go out sometime" I find this kind of odd as there was really no conversation that took place other than that. Well it turns out she is a very attractive girl that I have actually had my eyes set on for awhile but thought she had a boyfriend.


I told her that I would like to go out sometime and for her to call me. Then she says, "no I'm not taking your number, but heres mine call me"!!! What? Doesnt this seem weird, that she kind of asked me out and then refused to take my number? Whatever though not a big deal.


She seemed like she was kind of tipsy so I'm concerned that she may not have been sinscere as I've had that burn me in the past. I actually had a girl give me her number at a bar once. When I called her back a few days later she told me she had a boyfriend and was only doing it to make him mad, because they got in a fight that day and he was at the same bar...real mature.


So anyway...what do I say when I call her. Should I send her a quick text to see if I get a response before calling? I'm not really used to being pursued so I'm not familiar with this type of thing. Do you think she was sincere, or is there a possibility she had an alterior motive?


Thoughts, suggestions, concerns would be helpful...Thanks! -KR

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Just call and find out.. its really not a big deal. She had some sort of interest if she approached you, so give her a call. My advice would be to stop looking into it so much. Don't focus on the initial outcome but focus on having fun with it instead. Even if she doesn't answer, so what? You never approached her in the first place. And besides that you have that other girl to date if you wanted to.

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Thanks lifeiscash- Ha yeah I agree I am probably overanalyzing. But the purpose of the thread was more to stress my disbelief that this is actually happening. 6 months ago I would have been freaking out, and quite frankly this would not have happened. I spent a year and half looking for women in all the wrong ways.


I made some changes in my life. Started lifting weights, quit smoking, started living a healthy lifestyle. My confidence level has skyrocketed in the last 6 months, and people are really starting to notice it. The only thing that was lagging was the dating side of things. Now it seems as though that aspect of my life is catching up as well.


I guess I just wanted to vent and get any advice so I dont mess it up...haha.

But like you said I have the other girl, which makes it so much easier. So we'll see what happens, and yes I plan on having fun with this one!

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she could have either been playin games or she just expects the guy to make the intitial move which is typical. just call her and see whats up but never have high expectations because she could have been drunk and just flirtin. Sometimes when i get a girls number or something when buzzed i forget who they were the next day when im sober so i just dont bother. haha. good luck

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Drew- i guess there is only one way to find out right? So what do I say when I call her? "hey this is KR from the bar last weekend, what are you up to on Thursday? Wanna grab a drink?"


This is the main reason I hate meeting people at the bar cause you never know their true motive. But we have talked a few times in the past, but also only at the bar.

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So what about a text just saying:

"Hope the rest of your weekend went well, are you busy this week? By the way this is ____ from bar name on Saturday."


This would probably be a lot less awkward than calling and sounding like a mumbling idiot trying to explain who I am...haha.


Do I stand a chance if I send a text?

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