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Why is he being like this


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I am on vacation with eight of my friends. One of them is a professional fighter who is very good friend a friend whose family own the beach house.


He have been nothing but a pain in ass! He didn't contribe any moneys to beer because of his fear of drinking due to his father's alcoholic problem, he didn't let anyone drive his Mercedes, and doesn't like to party at all. I think he shouldn't come at all. But my friends like him because he always come up with something such as jet ski, bodyboarding, etc... And say he's very intelligent and good to talk with if we're one on one.


On first week, we were having a big party with people we know. He was trying to sleep and he was getting mad by the noise so he came down and tell everybody to tune it down. We were mad at him so we start to make more noise, he came down and one of the biggest guy there get in front of him and tell him he have no right to be a * * * * * . He and the guy traded a couple punches then the big guy end up fall down and puked and was unable to stay balanced for most of the night. He then tell everybody if he hear any more excessive noise, he'll send a couple to hospital. So we were forced to be keep the noise down.


Couple weeks ago we were trying to have a party but all girls flocked to him and ruined the party. He just say it wasn't his fault since he doesnt even like party and was trying to avoid it when the girls flocked to him.


He also bring a new girl over every couple days. He never bother to take any of us who don't have girl with him when he go out to do something. He always say he don't take anyone because he go to place where there will be huge crowd of people or alcohol involved.


A couple nights ago, we went to a club, he didn't want to come but we talk him into come. So he came. I and a couple of my friends was getting in conflict with some guys. So we end up got in fight, this fighter came and got rid of the guys then he scolded and forced all of us to go home. It was so embarrassing!


On Friday I ask him if he can get me a fight because they paid well and he got paid 7,000 for his last fight. He say I'd never make it. So I begged him and he say if I can keep up with him during his work out, he'd let me come to the gym he got invited to train at. That bastard woke me up at 6 am and made me come with him and tried to make me run five miles at 7 mins per mile. I cannot make it to two. Then he came back and tell me I cannot even make it past first part, so I told him I'll work on it and to move onto next part. He just went to beach and want to swim all way around the pier, since I cannot swim well, I didn't go. He just went and swam then he come and tell me it is time to do circuit work out. It was ridiculous! He keep doing 25 or 50 push up, sit up, squats of different kinds repeatedly for five sets of 15 mins. When he saw I was really struggling after 5 mins, he just roll his eyes then say I will not make it. This idiot think he's on top of the world but he's a tiny guy, he's only may 5'8 and 150 at the most. I can crush him easily and I have wrestled and play football. Yet this idiot think I'd never make it just because I cannot keep up with his crazy work out! I don't want to take part in execrise contest, I want to fight for moneys!


Why the hell is this guy being a huge * * * * * * * ?

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So you want a paid fight when you can't even keep up with his training programme?


You want him to pay for beer he's not going to drink?


You're p'od because he won't let you drive his car?


And it's his fault that women like him?


And you only invited him on holiday because he can set you up with good stuff?


Seriously, I think he's nuts to put up with you.

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