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Sleep taking created troubles


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Okay well i asked a friend and she said this was the place to post this =].


Well the other night my partner stayed over after a party and i feel asleep and when we came close to me i apparently pushed him away and said " go away, you don't belong here"


And then still dreaming about i don't know what i said "i love you Matty, you’re my angel".

Now Matty is an old friend and we used to talk to each other like that in a friend way.

My partner upon hearing this he is understandably hurt.

After i got him to tell me that i said this, i apologized and tried to explain it to him.


Now I’m just really confused about what i could do to try and explain it to him. I know he is still pretty hurt and i feel horrid about it.

If anyone has any suggestions am open for any.


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Oh, you poor thing! What an unfortunate mess! Really, all you can do is wait it out, you have already explained, and it's understandable that he will remain hurt and probably a little insecure now for a little while. All you can do is make him feel loved and secure and that complete trust will return in time!

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You were sleeping!! Who knows what you were dreaming and why... Dreams are not literal but metaphorical, so for him to get upset or jealous over a dream is silly.


Just tell him you were dreaming and have no clue about what, probably taking a walk down memory lane in your dream. Don't make a big deal about it because it isn't a big deal, and he shouldn't be jealous of a dream.

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