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first kiss meaning


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I never thought about that before, but now that you mention it... in my experience at least, the relationship has mirrored the way the first kiss occurred. For example, one guy was hesitant to kiss me, kept waiting for me to make the first move, etc. In the relationship he was still very hesitant about everything, and would wait for me to call him and rarely initiated anything.

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"8 out of 10 women think the first kiss tells them everything they want to know about a relationship" -Hitch


It's a movie.


6/10 surveys make up statistics (made this up)


Unless they cite their work. Don't believe it, and even if they cite it, might be wrong.

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Definitely do not base my opinions on the first kiss. First ever kiss was a mess, but it was a lovely relationship. First kiss with my ex was a fantastic kiss, but the relationship was the worse mistake I've ever made, and bitterly regret it. My first kiss with my boyfriend was shy and very very cute, but whilst I feel he's still so cute and lovely, he is not shy at all anymore. Ahem.

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