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Would this message make you upset?

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So basically, my ex and I have restarted communication after a slight fight. We started to talk n which I give them reassurances and my life opinion and they went to my graduation and i gave them this great gift. after experiencing all that, i just felt unfulfilled or unseen still so I sent them this message just now:


Dear Kira,


Space again needed, Im so sorry. Just for a short while. So much is shattered on the ground and it feels like ive been trying to fix it, but alone. Maybe its because ive been spreading myself too thin. What have I done to myself? Reaching all the time has begun to hurt and leave me empty with little meaningful response. Im not blaming you- it's just the whole situiation dont know who to be anymore with you. it feels less and less that "myself" is working. you can stilll call me butt im not taking iniative. i should probably back off. im sry



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I don't think it would upset me.... I sounds very honest and more about you which is good. I think it would mostly be upsetting and get an anger response if it was accusatory which is the danger zone that many exes step into. You are just letting her know that you need space, NC or LC for awhile, which is completely normal and fair.


Hopefully you will get a good reaction.

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