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Arg!!!! This is the situation. My boyfriend and I have gone out for a little over a month. Everything was going fine until one if his 'old flings" was trying to start problems with me. So i decided to see what the deal was and she actually ended up apologizing and telling me information about things they did and things he said. She thought he was cheating on me with her and was tired of being the 3rd wheel according to her.So he was messing around with her at the same time as me but not offically dating. Certian things she told me pissed me off and i planned on talking to him about it, when i did i froze and ended up ignoring him cuz i was thinking " he wouldnt do that would he??? he wouldnt say that??" So i decideed to wait till we had more time to talk rather than rush it and leave it open ended.

2 other friends of mine and his decided to but into my business. Previously one of them told me that she talked to the girl i was having problems with and i was told he was cheating on me. I didnt believe it though. SO my friend asks "is it true" I said yeah, he was messing wiht her at the beggining of the year. and shes freaking out "oohh I m sorry!!" etc, i didnt pay no mind. Then even later in the say she says " yOu need to talk to your boyfriend NOW! whats going on.." I replied " okk for what now?she immediately says "I will talk to him" I told not to worry about it and that i would do it myself. So i planned on calling him but that didnt work out too well. The next day i find that he's mad at me. So i talk to him and he's upset because he says i dont trust him enough to talk to him like a real girlfriend and basically that we shouldnt be together, he hugged me and held me for a while then we went our separate ways.

I never did say i didnt trust him, if he was the one upset cuz i supposedly didnt trust him shouldnt he have come to me?? So everyone is blaming this on me saying " see you should have talked to him" I dont know what they told him, i havent really talked to him since. He wants us to be friends and maybe try dating later on, i cant handle being his friend, things feel so weird. I dont 100% trust anyone cuz ive been through tooo many people who took that trust and used me and hurt me. i tried to explain that but hes just hardheadedd. I still have sooooooo many feelings for him and i dont know how to act around him nor know what to do anymore. I feel like i'm stuck, i dont know how to just be his friend and try to better our relationship cuz i dont want to lose him.


ok ok!! i know it's getting long but i also just remembered somethin. My "ex" now can to be an ass sometimes, i recall having a conversation with him basically telling me how he doesnt care about me yet?? this is before we broke up..what's up with that??? so does he even want a relationship.He told me he's not worried about girls and is trying to finish school pass all his classes which is good. but telling someone they dont care???

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I will say one thing with two words: Move on!


Me and my b/f said I love you after two months..


But though, it clicked immedietly between us..


And don't give a guy the chance to be able to foll around with other girls.


You did the right thing in my eyes! You trusted him, thereforeee you didn't question him at all and relied that he wasn't cheating on you.


But what he had said to you is just cruel.


And he probleby jumped into the realtionship wihtout thinking.


but still, give it another chance, and then you will know how he is, the true him will come forward and you will see what kind of guy he is.




But everything is up to you, I have just given you a suggestion.

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Thanks, that was my first thought, to give him a chance as well as room. I like him a lot despite the fact of what people think and say about him. What matters is what I see.relationships are hard, and trust is a big thing. When having people so close to you convince you somethin that may not be true, it leaves you confused, and there no place to really go. Just your instinct.Cant let it get the best of you tho.

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