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i wanna dump my b/f but i dunno what to say

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The best way is to be short, sweet, polite, and firm.


I would tell him, "Listen we need to talk"

I don't want to hurt you, but lately I have been thinking and I just don't want this commitment anymore. I"m sorry but Its just not what I want in my life right now. I hope you can understand."





But firm

Be nice but don't bend if this is what you really want, because if you stay in this just to be nice,you will resent him for it later.

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Wait a minute, missy,

I just went back into one of your posts and I must ask you...Are you dumping this guy because your friends don't like him. Dont let them make you do something that you know you don't really want. Why don't these friends like him, can they be trusted, how come they don't have a life of there own??? Or do they want him for themselves. be careful here, make sure you are doing this because you want too. Sometimes so called friends have hidden motives.....

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hi thanx for the posts umm i dumped him cause i don't like him any more then the next day he came on msn and asked out my friend but she said none of my friends like him and they all hate i don't hate him he did all the right things and stuff when he needed too but he was a bad boyfriend.But any way its over and thanx for all the posts they all helped

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