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Building Muscle

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Okay I'm trying to build muscle and overall get in better shape. I was woundering what I should do to build a nice, natural, tone look. I know I need to eat healthier and increase the amount of protien in my diet. And I know I need to start using weights but I'm not too sure what to do. So here are my questions involving diet and exercising. By the way I'm 5-11 and 148 lbs.


How many servings of protien should I am for?


I want less weights and more reps so I want to know how much (exact number) weight should I use and how many reps (keep in mind I don't want to be huge. I'm aiming for the Ed Norton in American History X look)


What would be the best ab exercises?


And finally, will running/sports help form my abs without all the crunches.


I ask because I have a modest 6 pack but I'm not too sure if that is from tennis/running or the crunches I did while worming up for tennis.

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just buy one of those big bottles of protien and read the lable. the sales person will give you the right one.


only you can figure out how much weight to lift. judgeing by what you want, spend a wee experimenting with weight. aim for 12 reps.

when you join the gym the instructor will tell you everythin you need to know and set you up a workout schedule.


i've never had abs but you do need to do crunches as well as running. diet is way important to keeping them. hence why i gots no abs!

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im a huge fan of old school push ups...only time my stomach is really sore is after a good day of push ups...tricks i do to keep me on regimen...i do 20 push ups for every commercial and 10 every time i enter or leave my room all in all 150-250 a day...and been doing it for a month now starting at doing 10 and 5 and seen pretty good results from just adding that into the mix...btw tightening your stomach while doing push ups esp one handed ones(which makes up about a third of routine) really works the abs.

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Ok if you are serious about your goals you need to do a lot of reading up: I would suggest link removed, theres pretty much all the info on there you will ever need.


I would suggest you forget the low weight - high rep idea. If you do a bit of reading you will find out the idea of it toning muscles is a myth. To get a toned body like Ed norton as you suggested you need to lift heavy weights to increase your muscle mass and then cut your body fat. You say you dont want to be huge but unless your either on steroids or genetically gifted its not gonna happen without a hell of a lot of hard work and eating massive amounts.


From personal experience ive been following a similar programme to the one on the website above and lifting as heavy weights as i can and id say ive gone from being skinny to slim and toned and am beginning to get a noticeable six pack.


You dont need crunches either. Ive hardly ever done any. They best way to build up your abs is either squats, deadlifts, leg raises or weighted chin ups in my opinion.


Good luck.

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The most important part of getting in shape is a proper diet. Your body is fueled by what you put into it. It took me a long time to learn this lesson. I won't really get into specifics on what type of diet you should be on as I feel what works for one might not work for another. I myself eat a diet high in meats, fruits, vegetables, and protein. I've noticed since eating healthier I'm more alert mentally, have a higher self confidence, and overall better outlook on life. A really good protein shake is Muscle Milk. A really good juice drink is Naked. I use a variety of both.


Less Reps, Higher Weight, will help you build more muscle.


Less Weight, Higher Reps, will help you gain that toned look, it will also help in terms of endurance and explosiveness.


So if your looking to gain weight and get toned, I'd suggest a program that consists of both.


There is no "one" program to follow. You need to experiment and figure out what is right for you, whether it be playing basketball 3x a week and hitting the gym 4x a week or playing softball 2x a week, running 5x a week, and hitting the gym 3x a week. Find whatever program works best for you. Don't listen to just one person's advice.

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4 times a week but..


like i was saying before about talking to an instructor when you join the gym. they will have the best advice after surveying you. we're all different.


there is such a thing is over working your muscles which results in a reverse effect so that why 3-4 days a week is good.

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u want to make gains. eat up. like a truck. eat anything you can get your hands on. look for meats, proteins, etc. the bulky foods. if you aren't concerned with gaining a bit of fat, eat potatoes and breads.


try getting 1gram of protein per lb of your weight.

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