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so what would be cool?


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so then.

i have a post on here right now about flirting and trying to get my ex back. well are there any exact things i could do to get him looking and interested? also, what is something that i could do for him that would be really nice to apoligize for something kinda messed up that happened. he already said sorry, but i want to do something for him. well what turns a guy on more then anything (in order to flirt and get his attention on me and not other girls)? i want to totally blow him away. so any ideas. anything that would maybe shock him, but in a good way. and well yeah. thanks a lot everyone for your help. this girl that thinks she is going to get her dirty paws on my ex, which she wont because he wants me back first when he isn't having anymore problems and doesn't want her because he wants what we used to have, wont stop getting in his face and trying to flirt. she is a total barbie and i am like mad because she thinks that she is better then me and no one is better then anyone. so anyway she just keeps trying to be all cute and all, so how can i be way Cute to a guy? what makes a girl so cute, personality and looks. because i want her to back off before i break her little barbie body in half.


love Qtpie87

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I've read some of you posts, but I haven't posted a reply for one simple fact. If he's you ex, he your ex for a reasion. The only thing that is going to get him back is if HE desides he wants you back. You parading around trying to get his atention isn't going to do you any good. The only thing you're going to acomplish there is make yourself look pathedic. If you were dating, then you're past being to impress him with flirting with him. ether he want's you back allready, or you trying to get him is jsut going to push him further away. he's not yours anymore, and this girl might get him. Thats just the way thow world turns and you might have to live with your mistakes, or what ever it what that coused you two to break up.


I know that isn't what you want to hear, but thats the way it is.

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Don't do anything of that type. It would be throwing yourself at him, which will (can you guess what I am going to say), chase him away. You chasing him is going to chase him away. Wait until he makes a move in your direction, and away from the Barbie, until you try something like this. and make it be a big move.

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