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Cosmetic Surgury At 23...

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So its come down to this!


I'm hesitant to post on the internet but i'm sure i will get some good advice here on these forums after reading through some. I have a problem, and its something i cant share with even my closest friends or my family.


I have uneven eyebrows. Dont laugh, Im being 100% serious. Its something that i've had all my life but i've never spoke up about it. Neither have i ever been picked on or insulted by anyone in public. But its something that has tormented me everyday. I feel like others treat me different because i look a little funny. And only until recently its something that others do speak about but never to my face, which makes me feel worse....


I've never let myself get bent out of shape about it, im really outgoing and when im out i am flying free. But when i get home and look in the mirror a deep anguish hits my heart. Its like having a huge zit on your face that never goes away. You wake up and you see the same zit everyday.


Not only does it make me look like im giving the 'Say Wha?!' expression to everyone, it is actually part of the brow that i can see consistantly. So my proclamation to the world is that i want the zit gone! With modern day cosmedic advancements im positive there is a way to fix it. The problem is actually going in for an appointment... The first time im going to talk about this problem and im going to tell it to a complete stranger. Im also worried about how my family would react. So i ask you internet community; what would you do?~

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If you think it really affects you socially, then you should get it. But you have to be aware of the risks, like getting scars or ending up with something even worse. It could happen although chances are slim.


You should also talk to your family about it before getting it done. Ask them what their opinion is on it.

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One of my eyebrows is higher than the other, slighty, haha at least I think so. Most females have one boob bigger than the other, slighty. One foot is always a half too big or small or something they just don't match on most females. LOL Everyone has their flaws. Just be thankful your soldier isn't 4 sizes too small.

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It's probably something that makes you unique and appealing, you know - Jack Nicholson, Christian Slater - the raised devil eyebrow is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery sexy.


Plastic surgery to make you look like everyone else, or to embrace the fact that you look sexy and different? Meh, I knew which one I would choose - why risk ending up plastic and 'odd' by plastic surgery?

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If it really bothers you, then I would suggest going and getting a consultation with a good cosmetic surgeon.


But as posters above have said, you need to think about possible effects - so talk about it with your doctor.


I, however, agree with honey pumpkin. You should embrace that which makes you different!


And out of interest, how do you know people are talking about you behind your back? Have you overheard them? Or has someone come to tell you? I find people dont * * * * * about people's looks unless they really dont like them - and this is from an 18 year old girls perspective, who went to an all girls school. If you are as confident as you say you are, I bet people dont even notice. Girls like the quirk - my ex was 23 and had a little patch of grey hair that I found really sexy. He was self conscious about it - but I loved it.


Please dont make a rash decision. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing someone who has a 'flaw', see someone who is unique and interesting, and very attractive. Try saying that to yourself when you look in the mirror - I find it helps when Im feeling low

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I appreciate all your comments guys.


The story is actually a little deeper then what i had laid on. When i was 4 months old i was diagnosed with sagittal synostosis. It was actually when they were putting me back together that made my face got split. Or is to what my assumption is since my entire hairline is raised a perfect centimeter.


Ive always been greatful to be alive and dedicated my own life into helping others. Im proud of my life and everything i've done and im extremely optimistic with my life in the distant future as well. I just feel like im going to regret not doing it later on in life. I feel like my life its going to change so much yet not change at all. Im open to both; im doing it more for peace of mind.


Its just nice to get it out

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hey there!


i know what you mean, i was looking at my face and noticed half of it was a little chubby compared to the other side! i hated the fact that my face was not symmetrical. as i stared in the mirror i realized that i "work" one side and certain parts of my face more than others,so of course one side was more toned than the other. after this i decided to consciously "work" the other side and now equally work both sides. so this might be a reason why and possible solution, but then again I didn't have reconstructive surgery when I was little, so it might be different for you.


as already mentioned, please do some research and ask a lot of questions! i am a anti-surgery unless in medical emergency person, so please consider not getting a surgery as well. celebrate your uniqueness! but to each their own.



all the best,


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I'm all for it, if you know the risks involved and you're okay with it then why not? There's only 2ways this problem is going to go away. You either spend a whole bunch of time trying to accept it or do a quick fix, change it and hope for the best. But also remember, don't fix something unless it's really broken or that can begin to lead downhill.

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