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Not sure if I should ask her?


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Hey guys...........I went out with the guys Saturday night and we went to a place to eat I hadn't been to in a while. One of my old friends happens to work there and I saw her for the first time in a good while. I saw her and said Hi and she said hi back and smiled. She then went back to waiting tables. After a couple of minutes, she back to my table and stood by me asking how I had been, what I was doing nowadays, that sorta thing.


One of my buddies asked if I knew her and we both laughed and said we used to go to church together at the same time. She then said it was good to see me and went back to work.


She is really attractive to me. However, I'm just not sure if I should ask her on a date. She's about 2 years old than me.......She's 23 and I'm 21. I have no idea if she's single, and I don't want to ask her and make her feel weird, so what do you guys suggest?

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