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love struck and stupid

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am i the only one who really does get love struck?


i'm not even in love yet, but just the hope of it has me acting a fool. i am 21 years old. by now i think i should have gotten the hang of this. you meet someone, if you hit it off, with luck things get even better.


what really happens for me is every time i hit it off with someone, i get too impatient. every minute that passes is minute too long between talking to them or seeing them. i hate how much it can completely occupy my mind, but i long for it the second it goes. it's not like i'm constantly calling/texting/visiting, but my mind is seemingly always smitten with the thought of my new guy. it's really only a nuisance for me because it makes me unproductive in life and work. when i fall, i fall hard i guess.


how can i overcome this giddiness? i'm afraid it could even be detrimental for this budding romance. i'm just too overexcited and setting myself up for disappointment.


i'm always straddling the line between harsh reality of reluctance and delusions of love.


anyone ever feel the same?

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step back. slow down. you need to be in control of your feelings. just remember they are a person too. if you go too fast you turn them off. not fast enough, same thing. you get so worked up thinking 'this could be the one' it's screwing up your head and you give off a worse vibe. keep in mind that it can go either way. once you are content with that, no girl is going to be all that too you. you will just be like 'ehhh, oh well'. that's how i roll.

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Yes... I feel the same, though it doesn't happen easy for me... but when I fall, I fall hard, and I fall to pieces.


ghost is right though, it is a balancing act.


Try to keep yourself busy and distracted if you feel like you might be calling too much or being overly attentive. Distract yourself. Let things happen naturally. And it know it is easier said than done.


Pacing happens so naturally sometimes between two people... and sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world.... it is strange.

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You're in love with the idea of being in love, in what it'll offer you, bring you, allow for you - that you won't go out there and get for yourself in terms of options, identity, security and abilities.


Everybody is going to send you dancing and jumping inot the air right off a cliff - if you don't have enough investmetn and value in you to not jump around like a fool because they think yo're cute.

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wow i heard that and i felt like i was reading about me! im in my first serious relationship and ive learned alot. you definitely need to have time with girlfriend.. and as much as youd rathar be with your boy, i think its important to not constantly want to be with him. that way when you are together its wonderful (hopefully).

you do just have to train yourself to not think of him or want to be with him all the time. its hard and i do hate it

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