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Should I worry to much?


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I guess im posting to get others input and to be able to talk to someone.


My gf has been sick the last 3 days in the morning..... oh dear?

She has also had very random periods that last from 1 - 3days.

She hasnt had a 'proper period' for 2 months now.


But, about 2 months ago she changed her pill(this is not the full pill, as she suffers from bad migraines)

over this time her periods has been very random, she then went back to the doctor 4 days ago and he put her on a new pill, she takes it the same time every day and is being sick within an hour of taking the pill.


She actually threw up on sunday and then was fine yesterday.


We have always been safe (both parties) and I have never actually released the 'goods' in her, so im hoping its this new pill thats caused this.


Ive obviously appeared 100% cool to her, saying its most prob the new pill, so she doesnt worry.


She is going to go to the doctors next week to get an answer.

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