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My Final Step...what do i do tho???????

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Lately Ive been torn between many guys. So many guys have come in and out of my life, that ive finally realized there is more than one person out there who will love and accept me. But still my heart seems to want just one. The one ive liked for more than a year. But the thing is, I think ive realized that i have to move on from him, if he doesnt want any thing from me.


I am killing my heart by creating fantasies of what a perfect life we could have together. So Im thinkin that I have to take a step, get some guts and ask him to do something this weekend. i cant ask him out, as in "asking him out" lol.....im just goin to ask him to do something with me and our friends. So we will be together and he will see the reall me.


If he says no or makes an excuse, im thinking of just letting him go all together and not going back. If he says another time, do i take that as an excuse.....or do i ask another time?


Also what should i ask him to do? He's more of the drinkin type, not the sit at home and watch Bambi type. So i need some suggestions with that.


O and one more thing...I have a problem with thinking people will think im "stupid" or annoying maybe, and I hav a fear he will think im pushy. All my friends tell me that im am none of these, i act like everyone else. But i take things wayyy to seriously sometimes, and then others i dont ake serious at all. Two bad extremes.





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The right thing would be to figure out something fun to do, with more than just you and him, then just ask him. The asking portion is tough, but how else will he know when and wehre you want him to show up.


The perfect activity will be fun for more than two people and have some potential for body contact. The little moves toward openly declaring attraction are often easier to say with body language than vocal cords.


When looking for similar activities, I have used and/or suggested ice skating, golf driving ranges and shooting pool. Ice skating works for me when I am going out with a woman on an early date and want to get a move going without having to just openly declare it. I played hockey for year, so I can skate. My dates could not skate well. So, they end upholding my hand for balance. After a short while, I've made flirting comments like "Wow, she's holding my hand."


Shooting pool works really well, especially when he can and she cannot shoot pool. It creates the opportunity for him to get some physical contact just like skating. Same thing with golf.


What happens if you can both play? Compete and flirt, perhaps a bet. What happens if both cannot, go with the same thing (flrit and bet) and laugh at yourself.


Create an opportunity for fun and physical contact and you should be able to get a move in.

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ok girl, here's what you do: ask him to go out with a group of your friends...if he likes to party maybe go to a bar or club, or even just have a little get together at someone's place and CASUALLY invite him. Don't make it too big a deal...if he thinks it's just as a friendly thing to hang out i doubt he'd make excuses not to go. Now, if he says no...then forget him right away...because i'm sorry to say this but there's no chance. Of he chills with you and all goes well ask him to do something just the two of you...if he says yes, good. if he says no, then just be friends. Now if he says "maybe some other time" DON'T ask him some other time...because if he really wants to, HE'LL be the one to ask YOU.good luck, summerdreams

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