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Mixed Signals :|


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There's this lad i know my mates brother. For some time now we have been speaking alot more on MSN and texting. A few weeks back, he invited me to a film premire that he had tickets for but i was unable to go. But since then i thought we had been getting on alright. Been chatting about how we can meet up in between our busy lifes. But then tonight, after talking perfectly fine, i asked him when are we going to meet up, i left it a while and he didnt reply, i sent him a couple more messages and he didnt reply. I know he was there because his name had changed. I would rather know out right if he had changed his mind. But yesterday he was acting completely fine all up for meeting and things. I want to text him to ask him, but i dont want to be annoying, but i would rather know.

Am i over reacting to the fact he has not replied?

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MSN isn't a good way of communicating. Sometimes people walk away from their computers and that is why they don't reply. I do this all the time and have it done to me all the time. Stick to the phone or in person instead. Email/text as a last resort.

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