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Badddd interview :(


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Hey everyone,


I just interviewed for a promotion today and it didn't go so well. I won't know until next week whether or not I got the promotion, but I highly doubt it as I had stiff competition and I didn't do so well.....


I am not asking for advice, just cheering up I guess and any encouraging interview stories anyone has

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Think of interviews (even bad ones) as experience....and a way to learn from the mistakes and so forth.


I have had dozens and dozens of interviews in my lifetime (and certainly have not held as many jobs!). There are many factors that go into hiring/promotions.....but learn what YOU can do to improve your own chances (there are TONS of books, and even interview coaches, out there to help on those skills!).


I have 8 interviews this week (all within 4 days) for an articling position - for a job I would not start until a YEAR from now - and of course many of my other 90 classmates are competing for the same positions......talk about feeling stressed out!

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I'm sorry hun! Try not to be too hard on yourself. We're just human and can't do everything right all the time.


I completely agree with what RayKay said. It's just another experience to learn from. With each interview it gets easier and better. Plus it's for a promotion, which means that they know how you are as an employee and I'd think they aren't basing it just on that interview. They know people get nervous, and they know that you're a valuable employee.

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Having many interviews increases your contacts. I have been called back months after an interview and offered another job. I thought I had "blown" the previous interview only to discover I was not the best suited for the position I applied for but they had been impressed by me enough to keep my application and resurrect it at a later date. Think positve!

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